We are One. Part of a whole. A continuum. Each of us, an expression of Source, experiencing itself.

Profound and ongoing gratitude to my Spiritual Teacher, Adam Davis, Founder and Spiritual Director of I.A.M. and The All One Foundation.

Love, always, to Wendi Forbes, who reminded me to 'sit still', and listen to what is. Who, in the Blue Mountains, initiated me into her known experience of Indigenous Wisdom. And the Land.

Bow to dear colleague Zjamal Xanitha, whose poetics of the body and the land have informed my explorations and continue to inspire me.

To Hiro Boga, energy alchemist. Her deep processes continuing to transform my relationship within the ecology of my business, and with all that is.


Huge appreciation to you, my students and clients, who step in, out of curiosity, hunger to learn, some out of proclaimed 'desperation', or playfulness, and whatever else brings you onto the mat, into yoga, into your embodiment, into your experiencing, moving self. Into your Transformation. Your presence and joining with me in these activities allows me to share my practice and work. You are my Others.

in Beauty, in Gratitude,

Narelle Carter-Quinlan

Finally, my gratitude to the Land, of which we are all part.