I grew up on Sydney's beaches, my Dad once a surf-lifesaver. Its  sandstone-and-liquid landscape is etched in my tissues, a cellular memory in bone and body-fluid.

As we encounter that which surrounds us, allowing it to touch us, we discover its visceral, felt reflection within our own corporeal terrain; a continuum of the inner and outer geographies of the Body. A living resonance.

An embodied ecology.

Of river and delta and internal waterways. Of unfurling, reaching rainforest of lung; etching of bone-rock and tracery of lichen-nerve. One.

The body.  As felt, known, poetic place. Through image, word, and embodied movement practice.


Yoga for Scoliosis & Backcare

'Stand up straight' she tells me for the umpteenth time, pins hanging out of her mouth. I look in the mirror in front of me, the fabric of my dance costume draped over my body, all a-swirl.

I look straight to me....or do I?
'I am, Mum'....
I am 13 years old.

Your spine is a long curving river. In scoliosis, and indeed, in all spinal terrains,  it is important to sense the course of the river, the riverbanks, the surrounding country. To encounter the inflow of the tributaries of the limbs, and observe their impact on the course of the river-spine.

The tumbling calligraphy of your strong, fluid spine.


Experience your embodied consciousness - through lucent image, the deep ecology of your anatomy, within yoga and dance.

Your magnificence, held in spaciousness. A Benediction.


For You, Now!

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upcoming workshops

Yoga of the Body-Land Workshop
in Albany, Western Australia, Jan 19-20.

Yoga for Scoliosis Workshop,
in Yogyakarta Indonesia, Jan 25-27.

Body Earth Dance, Workshop
in Auckland, Feb 9.
Yoga & The Spine Workshops
in Auckland, Feb 16-17.
Portraits February 3-15.

Earth Felt Dance mini Retreat
in Maui, HI, Feb 22-24.
Portraits Feb 20-22, 25-28, Mar 1-4.

Yoga & The Fluid Spine Session
in Maui, HI, March 4

European & UK Events March-June
in Yoga, Dance, and Portraiture:

Yoga for Scoliosis Training; Portraits,
in Salzburg, May 10-12; 24-26.

Yoga for Scoliosis Workshop; Portraits,
in Margate UK, May 18-19.

mentoring in the new year

With the New Year around the corner, I've begun to open up some Mentoring Spaces for you. Mentoring is a sacred relationship. Tender listening, communion, and support.

Perhaps you're wanting assistance in clarifying your Home Practice, or support and clarification in your Yoga Teaching. Maybe you have a Dance or movement project you’d like some guidance or direction with. Perhaps you simply want to connect with your own embodied Presence more deeply.

Read more and connect with me here >


About Narelle

Woman of the Sea
Listener to the Land
walker of Songlines

Narelle Carter-Quinlan is a Photographer and Writer, a Dance Maker and a Yogi. Her Practice is one of mapping the Body-Land in image and word, and expressing it through conscious movement.

A global leading exponent on yoga for scoliosis and spinal anatomy & pathology, her unique body of work integrates the practices of yoga and of dance improvisation, with the embodiment of your form. Her movement and photography Practices are grounded in experiencing the body as part of the living breathing land; the places where the land echoes our own physicality.

These days, she travels as a chosen way of life.

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Portrait Sessions are available at most Workshop Events, with Fine Art & Portrait Photographer, Glen McKerrihan, beginning in Auckland, Feb 3-15, and Maui from February 20-March 9.
Please Note;
You will need to Book your Yoga or Body-Land Portrait Session by January 1, for Auckland.

Portraits of Narelle Carter-Quinlan on this Website are by Glen McKerrihan.


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