Listening to Place - Earth Felt Dance

Dance is my first language. Indeed, movement is the first language of us all. It is our Mother tongue.
We are all natives here, for we are Movement.
We are fluid forms, of wave and light and vibration. In endless, ongoing rise and fall, and process.

When we consciously engage with movement as experience that flows through us, and allow that to impulse through our form, we return to joy.
We return to our true nature.

As we acknowledge, and source movement from, the various voices of our different tissues, we develop a movement literacy that fully expresses our humanity.

Indigenous cultures often speak of not only singing Country alive, but Dancing Country alive.

The two are in ongoing dialogue and relationship; Country - or Place - and Body. For, one echoes the other.

Know always, that the Land is internal Resource to our soul, collaborator with our incarnation.

In open attention, we enter the liminal space.


Dance improvisation Workshops

  • Earth Felt Dance

    I am an Image maker. A Songline Walker. It is natural as breathing to me, to walk in the land, to see the echo of our own physicality within the greater ecology.

    In these workshops, we source our movements from images of the land, and spoken metaphor, finding within our own felt embodied sensation, impulses of movement, taken into guided dance improvisation.

    Within some Earth Felt Dance Workshops, we use the soundscape of the human voice together with movement.
    Sound, arising from direct communion with the voice of the land itself.

    Some of the Tissues we visit in these workshops include;

    Sand : sand is akin to Connective Tissue within the body, and has a relationship with Story, and with the Littoral zone of being

    Water : embodying the internal waterways and fluid systems of the body, experiencing waveform, spiralic flow, and changes in form,

    Rock : rocks are kin to Bone, Time, and our relationship with Gravity. They speak clarity, carve shape, offering direction and intent,

    Tree : as Ancestor and Elder, alive with Community, Listening within the ecology of wholeness,

    Sky : expanse of Spirit, Space, Breath, Vibration and Creation. Consciousness itself.

    These workshops always include walking nature, image making, reflective writing and meditation.
    A little visual inspiration lives here > in a recent Gallery from a rock and sand coastal forest half way north in Finland.

  • Dance your Strong Fluid Spine

    As we locate our interior midline, its three dimensionality and its relationship with the space around us, we find our Presence. Moving from the bony architecture, ligaments, connective tissues and fluids, our spine remembers its resiliency, poise, grace, and inherent dignity. Within different variants of this workshop we may employ the organs as anterior support of the spine, the various fluids voices of our body, and the neural and endocrine tissues of the midline.

  • Flying!

    We all know this feeling; Freedom!
    Aligned with the sacred Medicine of Eagle, this movement pattern of Flight, is a Kahuna Tradition, into which I was Trained during the early 1990s. With strong and clear grounded relationship with the earth as wellspring, flight that unfurls its wings from the very heart itself, becomes possible. Flying calls forth profound spacial and kinaesthetic awareness, balance, articulation and refinement of the sensorial body. Lightness of Being and states of overarching awareness of Consciousness ensue. Power, joy, expansion. Majesty.

earth felt dance training

As part of my Saltwater Songlines pathway, I am in the process of developing a Training in Earth Felt Dance. This work has been in genesis for over well 40 years.

The Training will be open to both Practitioners of Dance, Somatics and Movement, together with students and deep explorers of the moving body in conscious communion with Place.

Aspects of this Training are already being offered as Workshops and other Events.
Online offerings and resources are in development; stay tuned.

Please join my Mailing List so you can be informed as fresh pieces become available.
Thank You.
Love Always, Narelle x