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I'm happy you're here: Welcome!
Please get in touch with me via email by using the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

You can enquire about Yoga Sessions and Events, Body-Land Dance Events, and Portraits.
You can also ask about Photography Prints & Commissions.

If you’d like to host an Event in your area - globally - please step in.

Why, bless and thank you!

Important Note: If you are contacting me about a Private Yoga Session, please take care to note my current location.
A caveat; please do not send me detailed information about your, or your child's, back.
Please understand I am unable to offer consultation in support of your spinal health via email.
Your respect of this is deeply acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you!
If you wish to schedule a private yoga or embodied dance session, please do so via this contact form below.

Deep Beauty, my Love and Gratitude Always,
Narelle xo

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