Yoga and the Asymmetric Spine

Your spine is a long curving river. Within the experience of asymmetry, and indeed, in all spinal terrains, it is important to sense the course of the river, the riverbanks, the surrounding country. To encounter the inflow of the tributaries of the limbs, and observe their impact on the course of the river-spine.

In this unique Workshop, we will explore the felt experience of asymmetry (however subtle), in the midline if the body. Through careful sensing, you will be invited to know the country and topography of your back as felt, known place. We will investigate the ways in which the active use of the limbs can inform and modify this landscape, generating more easeful energetic flow through the spine as your central, functional axis. A place of cohesion and resilience, fluidity and strength. Through conscious acknowledgement of the organic body and the embryological pathways of both the limbs and spine itself, we will offer your body fresh choices in finding its natural state of grace, balance and ease. Expect to come away with playful, yet deep, enquiries that will ignite your curiosity about your spine in the practice of yogasana.

Narelle Carter-Quinlan is a global leading exponent on yoga for scoliosis. She is the only yoga teacher in the Southern Hemisphere to specialise in yoga for the asymmetric spine. An Anatomist by formal academic training and research, Narelle has taught yoga for scoliosis and Backcare in New York City, San Fransisco, throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and of course in her native Australia. A photographer, writer, and dancemaker, her work seeks to offer the yoga practitioner important kinaesthetic information through image and metaphor, transforming and healing the yogi’s relationship with the body-land and our greater ecology. She slow travels as a chosen way of life.

Note: this Workshop is suitable for students with a minimum of six months consistent yoga practice, up to Teacher level. It is not suitable for those working with acute spinal injury or pathology. Students with back pain are very welcome, with or without spinal asymmetry. In essence, this is a Workshop for anyone with a spine, who delights in the practice of yoga!

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My Signature Workshops include:

  • Yoga for Scoliosis; yoga and the asymmetric spine.

  • Yoga and Back Pain; using the support of the organs and the fluid body as compliment to the muscle-bone terrain.

Generally these Workshops are a weekend in duration.

Teacher Training, and Professional Development are also available, as in Online Yoga Mentoring.

I am a nomad. My work is available across the reaches of our beautiful planet.
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Kind Words

From the Recent Brisbane Workshop at Shri Yoga, Brisbane, September 2018

“I have just attended your workshop at Shri in Brisbane. It was an enlightening experience. And I came away surprised to have achieved such a shift in my body. This was completely unexpected. For the first time in decades I felt comfortable standing after class in contrast to my default desire to slump into a heap on the floor at any given opportunity. This discomfort in an upright posture has been so persistent that I had ceased to experience it as pain. It had become my body's white noise made suddenly conspicuous by its absence. I enjoyed so much to receive adjustments directed by internal sensation rather than the external, visible structures of the body alone. I find this type of direction so much more accessable. And I now understand why I do. Thank you for bringing your work to Brisbane and I would like to express my interest in further Teacher Training with you in the future. My passion for teaching has been reignited by this experience.”
- Amanda Benson

“The way you demonstrated, taught & spoke about the spine, brought " life " and meaning in a way that was both educational and personal. It was as though you were " inhabiting " our bodies as you guided us with sensitivity and from a place of immense personal experience and study. For me, your use of language was particularly revelatory and has allowed me to bring into play and think of every part of my body engaging as I move : the organs, not just " bone and muscle talk ". I sincerely hope the Brisbane yoga community will again have the gift of your presence and teaching. Kind wishes & gratitude.”
- Kerry Gallimore

“Thank you for your teachings and guidance over the weekend. I truly feel that I have stepped onto a new path - one that I have been searching for and thinking about for a while. It was wonderful to find a place of belonging within yoga. I am deeply inspired from the weekend and I thank you for your thoughtful and generous teaching.
- Sonya Schubert