Yoga for Scoliosis Training for Teachers and Students - Details

You’re here; Welcome!

To assist you with a few Practicalities, here are a few Notes.

For any questions, please use the Connect form and ask. I’m here. I’m listening.

Please make sure you’ve read through the Teacher Training Page, first, to orient yourself.
From that Page, you will be aware, that the next opportunity to undertake some level of live Training is in;

Melbourne, Australia, October 20 at St Kilda yoga Studio.
More information and Bookings can be found HERE >

For Teachers:

Know that this is just the Beginning.
Once you have attended a live event and other Training events, you will need to attend to your Practicum & Assignment. Details are below.

Practicum & Assignment.

In order to undertake a Training with me, you will need to also undertake a student Practicum and complete a written Assignment.
During the Practicum you will be working with three students with Scoliosis, all of them over a four month period.
I have specific written Guidelines for you, as you approach this work; you are not alone!
You will need to formally document your student Practicum work in image and write up.
Your Assignment is comprised of a series of Questions for you to address, about scoliosis, and about yoga.
You will also need to formally document your own personal practice over these four months.
During our four month timeframe, we will have two Private Mentoring Sessions together, for your deep support.

At the end of the four months, you will submit a physical copy of your work to me, and I shall, of course, read it well.
We will then have our third and final Private Mentoring Session, during which we discuss your work together.
I will return your work to you. Usually with a few comments, and a few helpful questions for your consideration.
A Document with details and Guidelines about the Practicum and the Assignment are available on request. Just ask.

In addition, I am making EASS-y available to you. Know that this constitutes an essential part of your Training!
EASS-y is my digital course with Videos, Audios, PowerPoints, Practice notes. It is rich and deep and detailed.
It will assist you hugely, as you navigate this journey and learn the terrain of asymmetry.
You do need to make the time to complete EASS-y during the four months.


The Fee structure for this component of the Training is currently US$890. (Please be aware that Fees for this component of the Training will indeed rise, during 2020.)
Some Payment Plans are available on request, to help you.
This Fee does not include the Cost of the live Workshop that you will have attended.
That is a separate Fee that you pay the Host Studio when you Register for the live Workshop.


The next Professional Development Training will be in Australia during 2020.
More details are coming soon

for teachers wanting PD but not the whole TT, and for students wanting to go further:

If you would like to go further in your studies, to deepen your own Practice, the following Options are open to you:
Once you have attended a Workshop in Kent or Brussels, you can;

Do EASS-y for a significantly reduced price,
US$250, (usually US$350)

Schedule a private Mentoring Session at a reduced price - available online,
single 60 minute session US$130
block of three 60 minute sessions US$360

You can connect with me about this here >

Narelle x