Yoga for Scoliosis: Intensives

Close to my heart, this precious gift of exploring and working profoundly with your spine for 2-6 days, in a dedicated yoga environment.

I want to offer a place where people inhabiting a scoliosis can come and, together with others, learn about the anatomy of scoliosis, discover how they move, re-touch the beginnings of their spine through embryology, and, most importantly, learn to do yoga with scoliosis. Yoga that is specifically targeted at working with your spinal asymmetry. Safely, effectively, sensitively, generating change in this landscape. Re-patterning movement. Penetrating the body deeply and working with incisive, potent clarity.
To help you really get to know your back and generate ease.

Each Yoga for Scoliosis Intensive is an intimate, personalised space for just FOUR participants.

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Your presence is invited.


The week-long Intensive Framework . 

 Yoga for Scoliosis intensive

First Sunday; your initial individual session of 50 minutes. Time to hear your story, your needs and vision, and begin to look at the way your body moves

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Friday; four hours per day, within your group of four (a total of 16 hours group work).

Time will be spent on the anatomy of the spine in scoliosis, acknowledging the impact throughout form and function, and illuminating the rationale of a yoga practice in this physicality. We'll also revisit the early genesis of your spine, its embryologic process.

The majority of the time during these four days, will be spent in yogasana; learning how to work with poses that offer the greatest awareness, intelligence and potential change in your form and function. We'll layer developmental movement explorations as appropriate, and work from a rich layering and in-formant of your embodied anatomy. Your spine is not the only structure or process contributing to your support!

Final Saturday, your second individual session of 50 minutes. Time to review your particular journey and craft your unique home practice palette.

When you leave, you will also take with you a selection Digital resources, offering you a touchstone and a recapitulation of much of the information explored during the week.

Post-Intensive integration support is available via a complimentary follow up private consultation (live or online), and your option of participation in an online forum.

Weekends, are obviously more compact offerings, although the premise of what we cover still stands.


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Attendance is via an Application process and an interview (via Skype or Free Conference Call).
To apply, please Contact me .

You are welcome to ask for and schedule a complimentary chat session (approx. 20 -30 mins via phone); an opportunity to speak with one another, for me to hear your needs and how I might serve you within this Intensive environment, and to see if we might be a good fit. If you'd like to do this, please just ask. I'm here.


Philippa's story

 Scoliosis exercises and yoga stretches

 I was in a place which was quite dark - where my back was constantly tight, leading to my shoulders and neck becoming tight and then resulting in headaches that could literally last for up to 4 days-leaving me completely washed out. The frequency and duration of the headaches was of concern. I needed to get off the pain roundabout.

My discovery of yoga (and especially the focus on scoliosis) has been like a personal awakening that I wish I investigated much earlier rather than just putting up with being in pain and constant tension in my back for the majority of the time. Understanding how my body has had to adapt with scoliosis, and experiencing a re-programming, a re-centering and the empowerment that yoga has provided me with, is like a great release and breath of fresh air.

Yoga has helped me to think outside the box and look at my body situation differently.  I may have scoliosis in my back but I am learning to address and manage it and not let the scoliosis manage me.  Totally different thought process from when I first started out. I am doing yoga poses that I would never have thought possible for me to do – which is certainly outside my comfort zone!  I really appreciate the small class teaching environment to be able to experience this.

The benefits of your yoga teachings have changed me forever.  The reconnection back into self, centering and balance, breathing and general overall feeling of well being is undeniable. My back feels so much better and more manageable.  It has been life changing. I did not know what I was going to do and after meeting you for the first time, I realised just what a state I was truly in! There is no going back and I am so very fortunate that I found you when I did! I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes and helping me see the way forward in how to properly care for and manage my back.

- Philippa; private student, and class attendee for five years