Yoga for Scoliosis & Backcare: E-courses

River of the Spine 

As many of you know, I am a photographer. I find the process of image making one of deep presence.

As I play with images, and words, I come to realise that much of the felt, inhabited experience of deep ease in the body, is available through the process of making an image. Of taking the metaphor of the greater ecology into my body, into my spine, my lungs, my fluids. It becomes a small daily practice; walk, bodily experience that which surround me, make an image.

River of the Spine was born from this process.

This three week online journey is a walk into the felt country of your spine, and body. With image and evocative word prompts from me, you are invited into presence within yourself; as felt experience, as image making. It will change your experience of yourself.

River of the Spine will open for Registration mid 2016. Jump on the mailing list to hear about it first >>


Embodied Anatomy of the Spine in Scoliosis - applied to yoga, EASS-y

I am thrilled to be offering my signature live Workshop, Songs of the Spine, online. 

This rich and juicy E-journey is a deep dive into the lived experience of this spine in its symmetric and asymmetric expression. Always inhabiting the Body as Landscape, we journey into what the scientific literature tells us about the spine, scoliosis and its physiologic sequelae, and, informed by this platform, the rationale of a yoga practice within the asymmetric body.
We layer the more subtle information of our developmental movement patterns, considering how these may be compromised in scoliosis and spinal asymmetry.

The next offering of EASS-y: Dates to be announced
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Who is this E-course for?

Anyone with a spine! Know that many of us experience some level of asymmetry within.
For You, in answer to your hunger for the body poetic,
and in acknowledgement of your organism as whole within the greater ecology of the body of the earth;
for You, in open wonder and delicious child-like curiosity - your experience in the lived and felt architectural body;
for You, as movers, yoga practitioners or teachers, somatic practitioners, dancers, storytellers, artists.
Yes, for You, Beloved!

The next eass-y dates tba. registration will open tWO weeks prior.

The course is delivered in six weekly modules, via Audio, Video, Practice PDF, PDF's of PowerPoint slides.
There are two live Integration Calls (recorded).

Want a taste of what EASS-y is all about?



After EASS-y...?

I am thrilled to say, that my next, long gestating online course is in development.
Think of these course as places, in country. Micro-environments within the greater landscape that is your Embodied Terrain.

The Embodied Figure 8, Spinal Integration and Back Pain

Dates TBA.

This course will be vital for those of you with low back pain or sacroiliac instability. It introduces a dynamic image through the pathway of the spine bringing cohesive, stable spinal integration and resilient spinal curves.

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Read a little of an Other's experiences

"Narelle’s teaching has come from decades of self enquiry within her practice, working  with respected teachers, ongoing studies around spinal anatomy and embryology,  and an underlying  quest for knowledge around functional anatomy in the terrain of the scoliotic spine. This program offers an exceptional insight into the way that our bodies are, how they move, and from where they have come.  In that knowing, we can work with our body in a compassionate and purposeful way to assist in altering the structure and what it supports, in a scoliosis. This  in turn offers a roadmap from which the student can  start their own exploration and self management.
Great wisdom is on offer."

- Maree Taylor; Director and Yoga Teacher at Yoga Heart.
Yoga and Scoliosis Teacher Training Trainee, 2013