River of the Spine

 your Embodied Terrain meditation

We are bodies of experience.
Part of the living, breathing Land.

Spacious Beings, we are movement fluent.

One with our greater ecology.

What would it be like if you sourced your presence, breath, and movement from a deeply conscious communion with your body-landscape? Searching, listening to sensation and finding the unity of your interior and the land. 

What would it be like if you sourced your yoga practice, and searched the sensation of your Spine from this place of enquiry?

The meandering, gushing, braiding pathways of your internal waterways; the lush and buoyant slippery-slowness of your organs. Unfurling rainforest of lungs, curled animal-fossil of sacrum, skins of tree.

As you re-awaken awareness, reverence and curiosity arise. Fresh questions. Blessed appreciation and wonder.


breathe, sense, Spine

Join us for a two week course into yoga and sensing your spine.
Making images through photograph and word. Walking.
Movement. Breath. Asana.

When we participate with ourselves as part of the terrain, as benediction and sacrament, we enter a Dreaming.

We come home to ourselves, we heal, we transform.
We become part of something greater than ourselves; Embodied Terrain.




Why is this relevant?

When we experience ourselves in relationship with the land, with our environment, with our bodies as part of the living breathing whole that surrounds and indeed interpenetrates us, we know that we are not separate; we are Whole. And we are Home. Now.

Our societies' relationships with the planet at this time in history, is not one of beloved expression of Whole, of Oneness. We experience unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety, depression. Our experiences of species, of climate, of the body of the land has become fractured.  Know that you are indeed part of the great wholeness, the lived experience of your breathing body in the pulsing vibrant land. Part of All things. 


More information is coming soon.

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