The Littoral Zone - at the Edge of the Sea

I made these images over a two month period on the Gold Coast of Queensland, from July-August 2018.

A time of twice daily Pilgrimage, to that area between the tidal low and high inundation.
An in-between place. Reflective of our own inner terrain of deep transformation and Transition.

The littoral zone is my first Songline. Birthed by Sydney's Coogee Beach, I walked and swam with my Dad for my first seven years.
Sandstone is etched in my bones. The wide Pacific Ocean breathes the tides of expansive gratitude, love and joy in my blood.

Please enjoy these few images. There is an extended Portfolio of Sand and Seascape images here >



sandscape sepia and monochrome - mostly

I confess, I am addicted to Sand Patterns. I walk tidal flats and my eyes and heart (and jaw!) open wide. So does my camera lens; daily.
Each landscape - its own Songlined Story, is like a fingerprint of Presence. If I listen quietly, I can hear the tale...