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Spinal Embryology Meditation

by Narelle Carter-Quinlan

A Spinal Embryology Meditation. WHY?

When I first returned to my origin, to the very beginnings and formation of my spine, I LEARNT something about myself. I felt the places of pull, recoil, contraction, the patterns of withhold, and of unbounded ballooning.
I felt myself coming into form.
Illuminating, sometimes shocking in my particular asymmetry..
AND: Ultimately, utterly and breathtakingly liberating!
YOUR SPINE; Returning to your origins profoundly impacts your present experiences, your present potent choices. Revisiting the beginnings of your midline, your axis, offers an opportunity to re-orient; to re-write the script of pivot point...Are you ready?

As I sink into my own experience of coming into form, my body re-members: Choices. Creation. Unfolding.

 As I travel again through my fluid field; my opening potentiality, I return to the felt kineasthetic experience of patterns emerging. Awareness arises.

Light filled Grace. Spirit incarnating.


Spinal Embryology Meditation Audio 


28 min MP3 audio track
Includes a 17-page cover E-booklet

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What Others are saying

I have been trying to improve my posture for many years. While listening to the Meditation I found myself moving into a new level of consciousness. I was present at the very inception of my life and able to reprogram my DNA for a stronger posture. Since listening to the meditation people have been asking me if I have grown taller. Thank you Narelle for such a powerful tool for healing.
Olivier Maxted, founder of Sound Bath Healing.

The tone, timbre and rhythm are subtly interwoven with the text so that one does not have to make an effort to be with you as the narrator. As the meditator, I am allowed the freedom, given the time and shown a way to enter into my being, my life and my cellular ‘memory’. The knowledge and understanding which permeate the audio meditation bring both a sense of transcendence out of my body into the universe as well as being totally, absolutely rooted in the present reality of my existence. The self-discovery  seems new each time I listen to the audio. Thank you, Narelle, for providing me with this window into myself.
Evan Jones, Ballet Master and Teacher. Queensland.

This meditation is beautiful. I was transported to the magical wonderland that is embryologic function, entering an experience of the Dynamic Stillness that is the home of the midline.
Arun Shapleski, Osteopath.

I found myself easily falling into a deep sense of spaciousness, as you took me through the journey of my cellular beginnings. Where one usually experiences a sense of tranquility when meditating; I found in addition an embodiment of sweetness, an abiding boundlessness. Nuanced moments of body tone brought me closer to undifferentiated feeling states and the detailed naming of parts relocated me in a potent rekindling of exploration. I appreciated returning to this place of beginnings.
Janice Slater, Musician and soundscape collaborator 'Arterial Flow'.