Embodied Terrain Songlines:
an Online Gathering

Your body is part of wholeness, part of the greater landscape in which it resonates. Your body, is in constant, living, moment by moment, dialogue, with Place. With Consciousness.

As you open your own living presence to Place, it will speak to you. 

The very tissues of the land, speak with, and to, the tissues of your own body.
Two organisms in conversation: Body - Land. Listening. Hearing. Communing.

Your Songlines.

I invite you to join me in a Three Week Online Gathering, walking, be-ing, in Place. Making Images, Writing, and, most deliciously, Moving, from your experience of connection with Place. 


Recent Offering August 6 - 24

Next Offering: Songlines Two. October-November 2018.

What you will receive:

This is not the usual "daily prompt" eCourse.

Rather, each week, we will Journey into three different landscapes.
Internal and external.
(Don't worry of you don't live near them; it's metaphoric)


WATER : : BEACH -  the littoral zone. The in-between place. Transition.
ROCK : : DESERT - the Listening. 
SAND : : WHOLENESS - Genesis & new Creation. That which becomes, fades, and Connects.

These Places are all their own Pilgrimages. Their own holy Places. All of them, are part of your Songlines; that which you create as you encounter Country.
The Country of You. Your Story.

Four days a week, you will receive nourishing and stimulating invitations to enter these lands. There will be a weekly Video, a Slideshow, and an Audio Meditation. You will receive a list of resources, to support your Journey.
All of these materials can be downloaded, and are therefore, yours to keep.
We will have a Private Community in a quiet, private corner on social media, to share our images, words, and even videos should you choose to make them.

Note: ET SONGLINES 2 will visit the following Places, over four weeks.
You do not have to have participated in ET Songlines 1 as prerequisite.


Your Contribution:

There are two Options within this experience.
Option 1: You can choose to walk the journey in Community,
Option 2: AS well as the above, you can also choose to join me in a Private Mentoring Session, during our three week Gathering Time. There are just six Mentoring spots available.

Online Gathering Only:

Online Gathering plus one (up to) One Hour Mentoring Session:

What is Mentoring?
Know that I am a Transformer. This is a Spiritual Service.
Essentially, I work together with you in hearing what it is you truly want.
And supporting you in creating that in your life, now.
More information about Image & Word Mentoring lives here >

[Note: we can also do Transformation Sessions together, if that's what you want,
although know that that is a separate Service outside of this Gathering.]

How to Register:

This is a two Step Process:

Step 1: Please use the PayPal Button below to Complete your Payment.
I will then (manually) send you a Confirmation email within 24 hours (note, there may be a Time difference in our Time Zone).

Step 2: Please email me your Preferred email, so that I can add you to our Community! This Step is vital. It will enable you to receive your materials. 

I am so deeply grateful you are here. Welcome!

Embodied Terrain Songlines

What fascinates me is the echo of our bodies with the body of the planet. We have our own internal waterways, in the fluids within each cell, in the wash of fluids surrounding and bathing each cell - our great internal ocean. In our streams of blood vessels, our great pulsing rivers of arterial flow, our lyrical looping of waltzing tumbling creeks of veins. Gush and flush and drench and flow; our two bodies - our own and the planet’s - swoosh in a two-three timing of water and land. 

The planet has its own bones in the form of rocks and stones; our own bones in edges and canyons and ridges and escarpments. We have our own topographies. Our own ley lines. Rocks and bones know each other, deeply so. They listen to one another. Old friends. Resonance. Frequency. Home.



I’ve walked on beaches all my life. I grew up on Sydney’s Coogee beach, where my Dad was a surf lifesaver. The Beach is part of my Inner Country, my Songline. My Life. It is how I Know myself. My name, Narelle, is from an Indigenous Language, and means "Woman of the Sea". When I stand on the beach, I know who I am. A phrase I have whispered to myself for decades. It is Truth.

Beach. Water, Sand. Stone. Sandstone : : My Bone. 

Sand. What is left when shell and rock break down. And, in Iceland (and Hawai’i, where I lived for a short while), Black sand of basalt, of lava, of “center of the earth”, is Creation, risen to meet Surface. Sand. Our connective tissue. That which joins and communes all things. Communicator. Sense organ. Memory and pattern holder. That which sequences movement through the body in one seamless arc upon arc. Sand. What we will all return to. 


My invitation to you, is to be present in the land. To stand, to walk, in Place. Your body a living antenna. Sensing the listening that happens when we are in a space of open attention to Presence of Place. What speaks to you in this moment? What tissue of the greater ecology of Place, sings to which cells, moves which fluids, of your body? And, most deliciously: how does that move you? 

We are beings made to move! Each rise and fall of breath ripples through your terrain as living pulse. Each shift in gravity as weight transfers, and organs roll their lushness, moves you. In both space, and through time. 

When you listen to rock, or to sand, or to water, how will you receive that? How will you respond? And, what will you co-create. Body, and Land. Your own Songlines.

kind words

“Taking a course guided by Narelle is a gift to the creative Embodied self like no other. Songlines specifically gifted me the opportunity to connect with my body and the various land forms I live upon. The reflective questions and intriguing definitions of understanding my body on earth in this time and space was the integrative experience I’d been seeking from Songlines. I was able to convey my learnings and openings via visual art, which is a means for me to understand most things in this life. Narelle was also very open to and encouraging of my process. The experience of Songlines course, content combined with Narelle’s wisdom, paired up the opportunity to make art to name and claim my process was divine!”
- PJ Desrochers, USA.

“Narelle’s work is sensitive, intense, intelligent and unique. Her courses have those same qualities. Her provoking offerings challenge me to think and feel deeply about the subjects and they guide me into the very dephts of my imagination. They are not just about photography, but about so much more. They are profound life lessons to which I will refer back to for insights and inspiration. Thank you so much Narelle”
- Esme Aarbodem, Netherlands.