Week 2

Desert :: Rock

There are many ways to think about Editing.
Editing can mean the way you digitally manipulate the image. It can mean the choice of colour or monochrome.
And Editing can begin before that, of course, in the way you choose to "See" the subject, and make choices in POV, composition etc.
Editing can mean the way you make discerning choices about what to include in a collection, (really, a small Portfolio), and how to sequence that.
"The sequence is everything", I was once told. Correct. 
Sequencing allows you to tell a Story. It curates the images in a way that they form cohesive Whole.
It allows the seamless transition of one image to another for the viewer.
Or not; you can mindfully choose to juxtapose images that present a contrary experience to the viewer, challenging expectations.
Inviting them, (perhaps startling them!), to think in new ways.

Of course, Sequencing, being an art in itself, it highly subjective.
What to include? How to order the images? What is the "Subject" of the Collection? What are you saying?
Someone else may make entirely different choices, when faced with the same 40 images and needing to choose 12.
Including, the choice of how to sequence those images.

I've limited this Gallery to a selection of recent images. All from Uluru, made during a single week in late May, 2018.
I literally have many thousands of images of "rock", from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Iceland, the UK, Mexico & the USA.
I've also made my small selection with the theme "Songlines", in mind. 
The themes of Deep Listening, and the themes that speak to me, the Photographer, (the image maker and the story teller), of "Bone".

The Gallery begins with the Image below, from Kantju Gorge, Uluru.
Note the surface of the rock, and how it speaks to your own bones.


Note, the original image of myself, in the Womens' Cave, was made by Gemma Summers, and edited by me.

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