Week 1

Water :: Beach. The Littoral Zone

Next week, I'll be saying much more about the process of curating a collection of images.
Much of that process relates with the Theme of Week 2; Listening.

For now, for Week 1, I'd like you to view this collection of images and ask yourself, how these images touch your own fluids.
Are you aware which fluids; your cells, the spaces between your cells, your blood (and which part), your lymph, the organic body, or perhaps somewhere else?
What moves through you?

These images were made in Iceland, and Australia; from Tasmania, Brisbane, and the North East Coast of New South Wales and Southern Queensland.
All of them were created between April-July 2018.

The original images of myself were made by Sheree Angela Matthews and Edited by me.

More Galleries from Iceland, and, of Australian Seascapes Slices, can be found in the respective (linked) Galleries. Enjoy xo