Let's work together virtually

Skype or Call

Very often folk ask me if we can work together outside of Brisbane.

Yes, we can. 

You can schedule a Skype or telephone call together by using the Contact form.
You have the choice of a 30 or 55 minute session.

I use Free Conference Call (FCC), for phone calls. Local numbers enable you to call from most places in the world.
I can record the phone call on FCC and send you the link to the MP3  afterwards.
Skype sessions enable a little visual, although, Skype being Skype, I do not rely heavily on this!
I use Skype more for those who simply prefer this service, or for the rare cases where FCC has no local number.

Ready? here we go!

Step 1 Please use the Contact Form to schedule your session.
Make sure you list several windows of your availability and your timezone.
I will match them with my own and email you your session time.
Please note, at this stage, there is no online automated booking available.

Step 2 I will let you know how to pay for your session via PayPal. Fees are on the Private Session page.

Step 3 Here we go!

If you'd like to explore whether this option might work well for you, simply use the Contact Form to schedule a Complimentary Chat session (20-30 minutes).