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EASS-y . Embodied Anatomy of the Spine in Scoliosis - applied to Yoga

The core material from the celebrated Songs of the Spine workshop. Deep, rich, dense, multi-layered. A sensorial and scientific illumination on the architecture and lived experience of scoliosis. Applied to asana, inviting change! Yoga for Scoliosis.

The inaugural LAB version ran over four weeks. August, 2014.

Stay tuned  for the next offering of EASS-y; a six week e-journey.

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The Embodied Figure 8 - Spinal Integration and Back Pain

This material is long researched by myself. Stemming from my post graduate research in lumbopelvic stabilization together with a significant spinal injury and its rehabilitation, EFSIB offers you a unique paradigm in effecting cohesive, and resilient spinal integration. The work offers you an effortless way of generating functional ease in your back; fluid movement and a return to grace.

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Luminous - photography and your presence

Image and word prompts taking into an embodied presence with your Body-Land.

Luminous. You are.

The next offering of Luminous begins in June.

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