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Beloved Friends,

This past month or so, I have been in sacred sanctuary with my land. I feel more urgently and compellingly called to rise and to Speak the language of the land, the earth, our oceans. The Body of Place, the in-and-exhale of the Planet. Our relationship of Body-Earth.
The Spirits of Place have been calling me loudly for some time.

Now: they are ringing through my Bones. In fact, the pitch is near screaming.

Our earth, of whom we are part, whose body we share and whose consciousness we are in intimate loving relationship with, is in vast and deep change.

We are participating in that. All of us. We participate with our breath, and we participate with our consciousness. We participate with our actions and our inactions. We participate with our hearts, and we participate with where we chose to place our attention and vision.

Often, I don’t know what to do.
Here is what I do know. That I can do.

I make images and I write words. I walk in Place, wherever that is. I listen. More images, more words. Sometimes I dance and sometimes I sing, in place. Always, my being and body is aware of being part of wholeness - the wholeness that is called “Country”, here in Australia, but which is Everything, everywhere.

My pictures and my words Speak this. They are language and light. Vibration and transmission, as I listen.
It is a language beyond audible Sound. It is a language a deep part of you will recognise.

Sharing them with you, as activation - as service and as an agency of loving activism and transformation - is all I know how to do in the face of what is happening, right now.


We are all, being called to step up, to enter the fray of creating our new world. Together. Not one of us can chose to not participate in this. We are all here. Now. We are alive and vibrant and responsive beings. We are co-creators; with each other, with our Earth.

We, each one of us, has the power - love in action - to co-create great change. This “great turning”. Even our breath, each conscious and loving breath, effects the whole.

We are threading a new path forward, together. A global wave of momentous change, of pivot and of the complete re-choosing that needs to happen. Within, and for us all. A great tidal shift, in our choices, our grounded actions, our consciousness and our relationships.

I hold us all in my heart. I hold myself, as I walk and breathe on the edge of my ancient continent, listening to Spirits and making images that call us all home, call us to each other, and call us to ourselves in living and loving communion with all Beings.

Calling us home on Earth.
As Soul. As wise and celebratory stewards and co-creators.Together.

Be here, now. Together. As One.
Step into, and create, our change. In holiness and Love.


The Saltwater Songlines Project

is a living, breathing Service to the current and potent process of global change.
Social change, Climate change - or more aptly - Climate Crisis, change within the very fabric of life on earth as we know it: a massive shift in consciousness.

For the now, there are Images, and Words.
Know that my Images contain Codes. No, these are not ‘subliminally’ embedded; my work is simply Images that I make in response to Spirits of Place, as I walk and listen. Essentially, I simply do as I am told. With my iPhone 7.

I walk. I listen. And I ‘see’ and I ‘hear’.
What you see in the Image is a direct record of the imprint of Earth, of the Spirits of Place. Sit quietly with these images. Let them speak to your spirit and let them touch your heart. Allow awareness to arise.

And then act: be Cause!


Very soon, you will be able to participate in live and online events;
access a range of free resources, as sustenance and support. Balm;
walk through a dedicated saltwatersonglines (dot) com Website.
Stay tuned.

PS Many more Images are on my Instagram Pages @embodiedterrain, and @saltwatersonglines.

A little more information on Saltwater Songlines lives on this Page.

Enjoy the Galleries below. Love Always, Narelle x


Saltwater Songlines Galleries

Simply viewing these Images is a Meditation. When you click on an image, it will be enlarged for you, to sit quietly with.
Soon, I will be offering a range of free Practices; Audio Meditations and Movement Practices, accompanying the Images.
For the now, a few short Meditations for you to enjoy, live here >

You can purchase any of the images here - or in other Galleries on this site - as Archival Fine Art Prints by using the Connect Form.
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coogee & bouddi dreamings

vertical coogee & bouddi dreamscapes

horizontal Rock & sandScapes

Spirit beings & other presences

sepia & monochrome

vertical sepia