Saltwater Songlines Medicine Card Deck

An Image is a Portal to the Sacred.
When we view an image and allow it to touch the whole of us, the space of All Things flows through us.
And, we Know.

With this intent, I am in the process of creating a Medicine Deck for you.

A Special Note on the term, Songlines can be found here >

Why Saltwater ?
The body of both our planet, and our form, is approximately two thirds water. Saltwater.
My name, Narelle, comes from an Indigenous Language of the southern region of coastal NSW, and means “Woman of the Sea”.
I was born by the sea, on Sydney’s Coogee beach. I grew up there.
My Father, a surf lifesaver, taught me to breathe, in water.
My Mother, a maker of our second skin - clothing - insisted I first learned to swim, before I was allowed to learn to dance.
My First language: Saltwater Songlines.

These days I am a nomad. By choice. I have no permanent base, or home. Also my choice.
I am, in essence, continually walking my own Songlines, singing my life, my path, into existence, in relationship with Country, as I walk.
I am a creature of Saltwater.

The Saltwater Songlines Medicine Deck is currently in creation.

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