Cathedral of the Body - Body Land Retreats

We are bodies of experience. Part of the Living, Breathing Land.
We are spacious beings. Movement fluent;
the body as felt, known, poetic place.
Part of our greater ecology.


For some two decades I have immersed in this material. Photographing places where the land echoes our physicality.
Moving, dancing, choreographing, directing, performing works whose essence is sourced in the communion of body and land.
The body as felt, known, poetic place. Our embodied terrain.

This aspect of my work in dance and movement, is resurfacing. My first language. It calls and tissue-tugs me deeply.

Expect to see Events listed here as they emerge during 2015;

Classes, Workshops, Retreats.
Nationally, and beyond...

Body Wilderness 

An experiential journey sensing country. Walking. Breathing.
Making images through photo (and yes, your iphone is fine), and word.


When we view ourselves as part of the terrain, engaging all our senses, communing, we enter a Dreaming.
We come home to ourselves. We heal. We transform. We become part of something greater.
Embodied Terrain.

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