Private Yoga Consultations & Sessions.
You're here. I'm Blessed.

Embodied Yoga, and Yoga for Scoliosis & Backcare - Globally

These days, I am travelling as a chosen way of life.

Whilst I travel with basic yoga equipment, I don't pack my wall ropes or trestle!
Which means that your Private Sessions reflect more accurately, how you will practice in your own home.


Where can you access this Service Next?

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You can schedule Yoga for Scoliosis, and Backcare Private Consultations in these locations. Simply Connect with me.
Fees are as per below, converted to GBP, or EU.

Current 2019 Private Yoga Consultation Fees

Please note that my Fees have increased as of January 1, 2019.

Australian Sessions:
Initial Assessment Consultation & Session, 90 minutes  AU$220
Block of four Private Consultation Sessions, each 75 minutes  AU$650
Single Sessions, by arrangement only, 75 minutes   AU$180

You may bring someone with you to your Session, to make photos and take notes.
If this person is your Yoga Teacher, then an additional rate will apply, as follows:
Initial Assessment Session, 90 minutes  AU$320
Block of four Private Sessions, each 75 minutes  AU$990
Single Sessions, by arrangement only, 75 minutes   AU$280

Note, some Payment Plans are Available, by negotiation.

I see people via Skype or FaceTime. The same Fees apply.

Often, several Sessions can be scheduled within a week, or over several consecutive weeks, offering us the opportunity to look deeply at your spine together, hear your story, and begin to craft a simple and effective home Practice for you. Your home Practice is, of course, where the real change is enabled! Down the track, follow-up Sessions are often a good idea as your practice and embodiment of your changing spine evolves. We can do this together via FaceTime, or Skype. 
Please use the Contact form now if you'd like to ask me about this, and schedule a Session together! 


Where possible, I encourage you to schedule yourself a Private Session, in association with attendance at a Yoga Workshop.
This enables you to deeply apply and integrate the material, specifically as pertains to you and your unique body & spine!
Discounted Rates apply when you attend a Yoga Workshop and schedule a Private Session, depending on location.

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Private Yoga Retreats 

Depending on my location, Bespoke Half day or Full day Private Yoga Retreats are available.
Your Consultation & Session includes 3 hours of Yoga, in my Home Studio.
Together we'll look at your Practice, and how you'd like to move forward in refining your work specifically for you.
We'll address your current needs in caring for your back with sensitivity and awareness, building forward development.
You can expect to come away with greatly enhanced knowledge of your particular spine, and how to practice with intelligence.

"As someone with scoliosis, I have seen many specialists over the years doctors, physios, bowen therapists, Pilates instructors, yoga teachers. Never before have I come across someone like Narelle. Narelle has such most wonderful in depth of knowledge and understanding of the body and of scoliosis. Living with scoliosis herself, Narelle knows the challenges and can work with you to teach practical yoga practise that can help begin a lifelong journey of managing your scoliosis. I am truly grateful for the yoga lessons I have had with Narelle and would highly recommend them to anyone with scoliosis."
- L.D. Brisbane, 2017.

To schedule a time together please use the Contact form.
Let's speak soon!

Mentoring Packages

Through Mentoring Sessions, I am available from anywhere in the world to guide You in your embodied Yoga Practice.
I am also available for Mentoring as you explore your inner terrain; your body in relation to movement/dance improvisation.
We work with deep imagery process, experiential anatomy and sometimes, sound.

Who is Mentoring for:

  • Yoga Students or Practitioners working with scoliosis or back pain,

  • Yoga Students or Practitioners who simply want to practice with greater spinal awareness or embodiment,

  • Yoga Teachers wanting to support students with scoliosis, or students with back pain.

  • Movement practitioners of any kind, bodyworkers and somatic explorers, wanting to explore their interior body.

What to expect in your Private Consultation Sessions

Yoga for Scoliosis Brisbane private class

Entering a Private Session is stepping into exquisite care and attention. Time is taken to hear your story, and to listen to what you are needing. To learn about the ways you move and the ways you want to move.  To help you change your experiences of your strong, fluid, oh so beautiful spine.
Healing, and deep change.

You begin by scheduling an initial Assessment Session.
We spend 90 minutes together in the Practice space, talking, observing your movement, beginning asana.

Next, we follow your initial Session with a four session block, each 75 minutes duration. This time together allows greater exploration of the territory of asana and the beginnings of crafting a home Practice for you. Your home Practice is where the real change is enabled. Your consistent relationship with your spine, through yoga that is chosen and modified for your uniqueness.

We work at a pace that allows us to see your movement patterns and for you to become aware of your inner landscape.  All in service to your ease of movement; to your breath flowing unimpeded through your body. A calling to your embodiment and to your freedom, both, your birthrights.

Whilst we work quite intensively with props (particular yoga equipment) in a studio seeing (as available), you will be shown how to adapt your asana in your home environment, so you can practice effectively at home. At each and every Session's end, you receive a card of the asana we have worked with in your Session. Something to go home with, digest, practice.
Perfectly, specifically, uniquely crafted for YOU. Over time, these cards build into a Practice palette of choice, for intelligent and effective application.

Much of my in person work involves some level of tactile information, or hands on. A deep communion, a listening, to your body's voice in the continuum of its fluid field. An offering, invitation, and partnering in new movement choices.

FaceTime, or Skype Sessions, are, by necessity, a little different. 
Of course, the emphasis is on you, how you are experiencing your spine, and what you are needing.
Much is available by working virtually, including profound guidance in your practice and great change!

Why would you do this? And, why now?

Simply stated, because this is your back. It is your mobility, it is your comfort and it is your ease and fluency in your own body.
Living in a body that moves freely and easily is a joy
Experiencing the body as part of its greater ecology - the land - offers you unparalleled change, ease and freedom in movement.
You experience yourself as Whole.
It is consciousness raising, expansive and Joy-full!
And, if not now, when?



Where to after your first four Session block?

You Practice. Apply, explore and integrate the experiential information. Many women elect to return; it is after all, a deep journey.
Within a scoliosis, and working with back pain, there is only so much we can cover together in a short timeframe.
And the depths will keep unfolding in layers, and your spine changing over time...
The same can be said in exposing journeys of embodied movement practices.

Do you only work with scoliosis?

No, (I'm smiling). I invite any woman with a spine, to step into my yoga room.
To explore the felt, known experience of wonder and awe, of play and deep curiosity, of what it is to be in a body.

Often women come along with low back pain, sciatica, disc herniations, thoracic (mid-back) pain, shoulder tightness and pain, hip and pelvis challenges.

Sometimes folk find their  way to me, simply to experience moving better. To move toward a greater ease, comfort, fluency and strength in the body.
Grace and poise are common side effects, together a sense of empowerment and joy.


To schedule a Consultation Session, in person or virtual

Note: You can stay updated about my whereabouts via the Events Page.

Please use the Contact Form to schedule a Private Session and to enquire about Mentoring. 

My caveat to this last; please do not send me detailed information about your spine on the contact form or ask specific questions regarding your back. I regret, I do not have the facility to answer such requests. Your respect of this is deeply appreciated and acknowledged.

Know that your choice to practice and explore yoga within your scoliosis requires your firm commitment to yourself. To impact a structural scoliosis, attendance at weekly classes or private sessions, is not enough. Daily self-practice, with strong, intelligent application in asana offers profound potential for change in the body, mind, emotions and spirit of the practitioner.



Read a little of Other's experiences

"Working with Narelle has given me more effective knowledge about my scoliosis; this knowledge will help me when I am much older and when (there may be) lots of pain flowing through my back. When we do a movement in [private] classes it opens up my back and makes it feel clear and strong. If I came to class that day and had been sitting at a desk my back would feel scrunched up, but the movements we do make it feel so much better and clear. I have really got  to know my back better and discovered more about how I can help it,  and what my limits are. Working with Narelle has been a amazing experience and so helpful."

 - E. M. 12 years old, Waiheke Island, New Zealand. 2017


"No other teacher had really taken my specific needs into consideration. It was a one size fits all previously. I needed a teacher to help me with the correct alignment in poses and understanding what was happening in my body as a result of the scoliosis I have. I had tried various therapies and other yoga classes but they weren’t right. I hadn’t found a teacher that understood the needs of my body particularly for my neck, back and shoulders. I needed individual coaching and assessment.

Narelle's sessions penetrate the physical and emotional body very deeply. I feel like I am accessing areas through the physical body that I have been unable to do in the past. It’s a very fulfilling journey, this integration of mind and body. I feel taller and that I am better able to maintain good posture. Things are moving!"

 - C.L. Brisbane.

"Narelle has been a gentle guide on my yoga path for more than 10 years. I mostly practice by myself at home. I enjoy deep exploration of my own emotional, physical, energetic patterns waiting for the spaciousness that comes when time expands in moments of aligned breath focused movement.  When my yoga practice becomes blocked or confused, Narelle has been there. She is a gifted and intuitive teacher, she meets me on my path, and has always been able to clear a way for me. I am deeply grateful for the gracious love of yoga she so beautifully shares."

- C. O'H. Brisbane. 2017


"I like Narelle's disciplined but relaxed and friendly approach. She is not your typical yoga teacher; she makes me think about how the body works. I wanted someone to listen and not dismiss my concerns. The personal attention and interest, being listened to has worked particularly well for me. Not rushing through the poses, and the experience of intensity of the pose when it is done right. It's a different way of looking at traditional yoga poses. Now I’m more focused on what the poses are doing for my body rather than the pose itself.

My pain and discomfort have reduced. I'm more attuned to my body through the explanations of the anatomy; the muscles, bones, lungs – the how and the why. I've learned how to modify the poses so that they can be done at home without specialised equipment. From the improvement so far I can see that there will be a long term benefit when I did not think there would be one."

- L.A. Brisbane.