Prints as Presence - Mandalas of Consciousness


For some time I've deeply wanted to share my Vision with you All; my way of seeing the world in which we are all in intimate communion. Yes, it's fine to do that electronically via social media, or on this website.


The truth is, that whilst we are all so over saturated with image after image after image scrolling on by, how many times are we able to truly commune with that which we see? Be truly present with.

I remember walking into a Gallery once, with a Photography exhibition of images of Faces: Portraits. Followed by images of beachcombing finds. Each image held its own deep Dignity and Presence, in a way that no electronic scroll through, possibly could have. It was arresting. Visceral and potent. It was Sacred.

My image making process, as most of you know, is a Prayer.
My Photography is a Practice of profound communion, with all things.

In many ways, a Print is a Talisman, a Mandala of Consciousness.

A Print, on the wall of your Home, your Studio, your work space, can offer you a potent reminder of your own place within the Sacred.
A Print, the simple act of looking and seeing, can bring you Home to yourself.
In a Heartbeat.


An Offering of Presence - current Print Sale

For this short time, in the Now, I invite you to step into my Virtual Gallery; gift yourself a Print selection.

To assist you in choosing Images, I've prepared a few small Portfolio Galleries below.
Whilst you can, of course, select any image from this website or on my Instagram Account that I own the Copyright to, the sheer volume can be overwhelming.
That said, if you see an Image you would like, from any of my Galleries (from the Photography Tab Drop Down Menu), or on IG, please just ask.

Complimentary Image Selection Assistance:
You love my Images, (why Thank You!). And, It's so hard to know which ones to choose!
A Heart entered guideline; there will be some Images that simply leap out at you. Your Heart knows them as your own.
And....there may be several Images in my collections that sing to your heart. What to do?
Step 1: Breathe. Sit quietly in yourself. Trust, you will Know.
Step 2: Indeed, maybe there are several Images that sing a Song together. They want to be together.
This is natural; some Images belong together; sometimes it takes more than one Image to tell the Story!
Trust that. It is real, and true.
Step 3: Consider where you might place these Images. What you want them for. How you want to feel, when you look at them.

Step 4 (completely optional!):
If you'd like some assistance with this process, I'm currently offering a complimentary service via Skype in helping you choose. You're Welcome!
You can use the Connect Form to explore this option and set up a time together (approx. 20 minutes)

The Thumbnails Below:
If you click on an image, it will appear larger, for ease of viewing and selection. I strongly recommend this!





what are you receiving?

My Print Makers, based in Melbourne, Australia, use only the finest museum grade acid-free, fully archival Papers. Lush inks.
For this particular Print as Presence offering, Prints are available in A5, A4 and A3 sizes.
Generous discounts are available when you purchase two or more Prints. 

Please know that my Print Makers will lovingly post your Prints to you anywhere in the World.
For this reason, to make it easier for you, I've quoted prices in both Australian and US dollars.

ordering your Prints

You've made your selection. Yippee!

How to Place your Order:

I've created a few simple Payment Buttons on this Page on my Website, for your ease! You're on your way. Exhale . . .
You can purchase single Images, or, choose from popular multiple Image size combinations, (e.g. 2 x A5, 1 x A4 plus 2 x A5, 2 x A4)

A SET OF FOUR A5 IMAGES is currently available at a Special "Altar Images" Price.

Know that your Support means the world to me. 
Thank you. 

single image pricing

An Offering of Presence

A5 Images: AU$58 (US$47)
Huge Special - ALTAR IMAGES, your choice of a SET of FOUR A5 Images: AU$148 (US $112)

A4 Images: AU$105 (US$85)

A3 Images AU$165 (US$130)

REMEMBER: Generous discounts are available when you purchase two or more Prints. Multiple Print Selection Discounts >

Packaging & Postage

My Print Makers are completely familiar with national and international Postage. 
They have sourced custom packaging materials to keep your precious Prints safe in transit.
Orders are sent out via Australia Post eParcel and require a signature upon delivery to ensure safe delivery.

For all Images posted within Australia, standard postage cost is AU$15, for single or multiple images.
For international orders, standard postage cost is AU$35 (US$27), for single or multiple images.


If you have any questions at all, or would like some assistance, just sing out.
Use the Connect Form and email me. I'm here to help.

Deep Beauty,
Love always
Narelle x