I used to think that “Portraiture” meant that someone would make a photo of my face. Only my face.
Even as a dancer and performer, it never occurred to me, that a “Portrait” could include my whole body. My whole Being.
My Presence. Witnessed and reflected back to me. Imaged, by someone who truly saw me.

Yes, I’ve had my photo taken hundreds of times in dance performance promotion shots.
As a yoga Teacher, I’ve had people come and make images of my Studio, myself and my students on the mat and in asana.
Yes, I’ve had friends and family take thousands (or more) snapshots in groovy locations around the world.
But, few of them truly imaged who I experienced myself to be.
Few of them managed to see - and match - my Body, as breathing Spirit.

And then I met Glen McKerrihan.
A Portrait Maker who can walk to the beach with me, to make “sketch images”, and come back with Art.
Showing me, my Self, reflected.
Wholeness incarnate.


Your Portraits

As part of my Teaching Travels, Glen is offering Portraits.
You too, can have this rare and precious experience of being truly seen, witnessed, and reflected to you in stunning Images.

Schedule for Your Portraits

Auckland, New Zealand:
February 8-15

Yoga and Body-Land Portrait Sessions are available in Auckland, February 8-15, with Fine Art & Portrait Photographer, Glen McKerrihan. An American, Glen has worked as a Fine Art Photographer for well over 40 years, and brings a deep sensitivity to Portraiture. In my role of Artistic Director, I am honoured to support Glen’s work in Portraiture in these sessions, anchoring you into your embodiment of the greater ecology.

Please Note: You will need to Book your Portrait Session with Glen well in Advance, for Auckland and Hawai’i Sessions.
There are only a few spaces available for this rare and unique Service.
You can have a look at some of our Portrait Portfolios here >
Glen is offering a Complimentary chat session to support you before you book.

Maui, Hawai’i:
February 20-22; February 25-March 10.


Portraits have become an integral, and important part of our lives and world. Sure, we use them for Social Media, and to share with family and friends, but Portraits have many other uses as well. Perhaps you want a keepsake of a special transition in your life, or as a gift for a loved one. Portraiture can be a great way to record your yoga practice. Then there might be a need for a great headshot, or a series of images for a website or project. Or maybe you just feel like having some fun and want to stretch out of your comfort zone.

I truly see Portraiture as a collaboration, it is something we do together. This often also includes Narelle. As an Artistic Director, she possesses a great eye for detail. She knows the body better than anyone I know.

Once you have made the decision to sign up for a Portrait session, the collaboration begins. We will discuss your ideas and what the images will be used for. We will talk about location in detail. Perhaps there is a special spot in your home, or you have a unique ‘Power Place’. Indoors, outdoors, in nature, or in the midst of a bustling city, they all offer unique opportunities for amazing Portraiture.

I look forward to sharing the wonderful experience with you.


About Glen McKerrihan


You can read more about Glen and his Photography, and view samples from his extensive Portfolio, on his Website >


After spending nearly ten years living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, life has moved outward towards travel and experiencing this large, wonderful world.

I have been a dedicated Fine Art photographer for over 40 years. The first 30 years were spent with view cameras, sheet film, and long hours in the darkroom. All of this film experience continues to inform my daily practice of photography, some of which today is done with the camera in my iPhone.

From the beginning, Portraiture and the Still Life have been the two dominant themes in my work. Though today, with my new nomadic lifestyle, the landscape has captured my imagination and vision like never before. Portraiture is still my true love.

My images have been included in exhibitions and are part of private collections. My first limited edition book was included in PHOTOBOOK 2015, an exhibition of photographer's books at the Griffin Museum of Photography, in Boston. Bookbinding has long been a personal passion, and I have collaborated on several limited edition books.

To wide open hearts . . . and wide open lenses.