Body-Land and Yoga Portraiture

I used to think that “Portraiture” meant that someone would make a photo of my face. Only my face.
Even as a dancer and performer, it never occurred to me, that a “Portrait” could include my whole body. My whole Being.
Or, a part of my Body.
All, in relationship with Place.
My Presence. Witnessed and reflected back to me.
Imaged, by someone who truly saw me.

Yes, I’ve had my photo taken hundreds of times in dance performance promotion shots.
As a yoga Teacher, I’ve had people come and make images of my Studio, myself and my students on the mat and in asana.
Yes, I’ve had friends and family take thousands (or more) snapshots in groovy locations around the world.
But, few of them truly imaged who I experienced myself to be.
Few of them managed to see - and match - my Body, as breathing Spirit.

When you are witnessed, in communion with Place, as part of the greater ecology, you experience and see your Self, reflected.
As part of all that is. As wholeness incarnate. Sacred.

what HAPPENS in a yoga or body-land PORTRAIT session ?

I experience the process of working with you as a sacred listening.

The process begins when we first speak together. You tell me your vision for yourself. Why do you want these images?

What will you be doing with them; are they for your business, your family, or maybe for something else entirely. Perhaps they are a personal talisman for your Altar, workspace or home; reminding you of your essence. Of who you truly are.

We speak about Place. Perhaps there’s a place that you feel a deep communion with. It might be a natural environment, or, it could be a built space; a cityscape.
It might be indoors; a yoga or dance or art Studio Space. It could be a Cafe, a Gallery, inside a shop window. It could be almost anywhere.

Where do you feel most in your own skin, most alive?

We speak about the energetic qualities of both place, and presence.
We speak about clothing, that augments and coheres everything; a second skin.


about the process

Once we’ve talked about this, we set up an appropriate time to meet at the location to create the images.
We spend about an hour to an hour and a half, making the pictures. Each session and place are a little different.

A significant part of what I offer, is facilitation of your deep embodiment; your Presence in Place.
As a dance choreographer, performer, artistic director & yoga teacher, of some four decades, I have a great deal to bring to this process.
This, is how, you get the images you envision for yourself!

This, is how you tell your Story.

our exchange

reynisfjara, southern iceland

reynisfjara, southern iceland

Once we have done our work together on location, the editing process begins.

I select a number of images that best capture what it is you are Saying. I edit them, in the Digital Darkroom. And, I send them to you, as Digital Files, ready for you to use as you wish.

Fees vary, depending on location, the number of images you require, whether you add a preliminary embodiment session, or a mentoring session afterwards.

Know that you can also choose to have your yoga Practice Documented to assist your Home Practice; incredibly useful if you’re a Scoliosis or Backcare Student.

Your first step is to reach out; say Yes!
And use the Connect Form.

Let’s set up a Complimentary Chat session.
Deep blessings,
Narelle x


where am i now?

Please take care to note my current location, and upcoming geographies, by having a look at the Events Page.

I am currently in Brisbane until mid February. And yes, I’ll travel to the Sunshine and Gold Coasts for your Portraits.
Will be in Indonesia thereafter for about a month, during late February - March.
From April - June I will be in Europe and the UK. All the wonderful places can be found listed on the Events Page.

Truly, this is a unique and wonderful opportunity to create some new images for yourself, for your Studio, for your family, as Talismans to your essence and Presence for your altar. Imaging and anchoring your intentions and Vision for yourself. The New Year: The Perfect Time!

I’ll see you very soon, Beautiful One.

east coast, new south wales, australia

east coast, new south wales, australia