Place - a Meditation in image, word, Audio.

I really intended to  just walk down the street. Down to the bus stop, to check out it exists, ready for early tomorrow morning. It's mid to late-ish afternoon right now, and I've only arrived an hour ago in Granada.  But the tiny bus pulls up as soon as I arrive at the sign. Will I do it - jump on? Why not! I'm here.

The Alhambra calls.

Whenever I enter these places of history, my body remembers something.  It is a communion, this listening. It feels sacred. Perhaps it's our collective memory, as a species. Perhaps it's my imagination; a story. But the stone remembers. The rocks, the floors and walls. The very air.

So, I enter presence. And breathe. My cells conversing with the light in this place. And with the weight and substance of echo.


I invite you to listen to the following Meditation. (Yes, the Audio will be up soon. The text appears under the Gallery, below). You can listen to it over and over, or take its essence with you anywhere, anytime. Stand in yourself, in any place. Enter presence, feeling your feet on the floor and following the rhythm of your own breath. Inhabiting your own body. And listen to the space around you.

And, I invite you to look at the following images. They capture something of this experience, for me. Click images to enlarge.


To begin with, close your eyes. Feel the edges of your own skin. The edges of your own energy. Feel your feet in contact with the floor and the presence of your body  moving down through gravity; your weight and substance. Breathe. Feel the movement of your breath move through your body.

Sense the space around you. Its shape, its form and architecture, its quality and texture.
Can you sense the light in this place?
The movement of the air?
What sounds are present?
What is your sense of time in this place?

Gently open your eyes.
Stay present. What do you see and what do you hear? If the environment around you  whispered to the spaces between your cells, what is its story? Today. Now. 

What happens as you walk around, moving through this space. What information touches you?

Stay with you breath. Stay in your own skin. Sensing. Listening. In communion. 

What is your relationship with this place? 

Consider writing your observations. Your experiences.