Photography & Writing Mentoring

Recently, I've begun opening up some Spaces for you, as you reach into support in your image making, or writing, process.
Perhaps you simply want to connect with your own process more deeply, or want some assistance in clarifying a Project goal.
Maybe you're looking for something else altogether...

We meet together virtually. Via FaceTime or Skype.

Note: I'll also be offering Workshops, and small Gatherings of like minded souls, or personal Retreats, over half day, or up to a week long. We'll be meeting together in beautiful places across our world.
These times are particularly special, and potent. A whole new way of Being, a new world, is being birthed.

A Mentoring Session is a unique opportunity for you to go within, very deep, and to tenderly identify and harvest what it is you want to create in the New. What you want to create in your Art making. What you want to create in your life.
Think of this time, as a gentle birth. Your birth.
You have the precious opportunity to be still. To come to your very core.

Deep and neutral space will be held for you.

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Future Upcoming Offerings

Please join my Newsletter Community, and hear as Offerings to you, are made available.
If you have something in mind, Connect with me now, and let's chat together about it.

Some Upcoming Dates and Locations to watch:

Far North Queensland, September 27- November 19.
Gold Coast Queensland November 20- December 5.
ndonesia, January 2019. Dates TBC.
Maui, Hawai'i, February 22-24, 2019.

Blessed be,
Narelle x