Fig and Agave:

The work of Narelle Carter-Quinlan and Glen McKerrihan.


My work in image and word, these days, is a shared voice with an Other. Two Photographers, two writers, who began by sharing their love of heartfelt images and language across the Pacific. What evolved, was Fig and Agave. A heart space offering of Embodied Photo Walks, and inspiring uplifting tales of travelling the vast embodied ecology of our home - planet earth. Come visit us!


You can read something of our Fig and Agave Story here >

A little of Narelle's story:

In the late 1990's, for six years, I walked on the beach and in its rock pools daily. Twice daily. Agape. Which, I am told, is Greek for Love. Or, to be in a state of wonder. I experienced both. At the time, in photo hiatus, I possessed no camera. This daily exposure to rock and algae imprinted directly into my tissues and fluids. Over time, becoming indistinguishable from my body. We are after all, all One.

These days I do once more have a camera. Yet I am still as agape. Still as child-like, as are we all. Not trained in photography, I simply make my images with my small uncomplicated  Panasonic Lumix TZ30. I don't generally try, and often I can't even see the image clearly in my camera as the fierce Australian sun's glare fuses with the view screen, all a-blur. And of course, I don't have my glasses on.

What captures me again and again, is this voice of the Land. Its shrill and subtle beauty. This vibrating penetrating echo; Body-Land. Can you hear it?



Join us as we move about our beautiful planet.
We've recently been living in Hawaii for three months, on the North Shore, land of the Pipeline!

Right now, we're living on the north coast of Tasmania for a month. 

walking together ibook

There's a story here; a deep story of connection. Of image and word communing from the subtropics of Brisbane, Australia, to the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico. A story that we'd love to share with you...