Transformation: Online Program

Forthcoming early 2015 is an online Transformation journey over eight weeks for a small group of just six choosing souls.

Transformation, a spiritual service, is offered via private sessions, or via a 'Transformation Circle', where a small group of clients each work on their own Transformation. In this way, it isn't a 'circle' in the generally referenced understanding of the word. It is a circle in the sense of folk coming together, participating in the same activity, at the same time. Travelling together on their own path.

A Transformation Circle enables more people to engage with the service for themselves, in a more accessable manner financially.
It also offers the deep communion of travelling with Others.

When will we do this?

A Transformation Circle is planned for early 2015. An initial one-on-one session, followed by seven once a week group calls.
Your participation can be from anywhere on the planet, as long as you have internet connection and are able to participate in phone calls (I use Free Conference Call), OR you can call in via skype. AND, as long as you are prepared to move toward what you are really wanting :)

As more information coheses, particularly with the specific dates, together with costs, I'll post it in this space. AND, you can Contact me, and flag your curiosity. I  invite and encourage you to do this. That way, you are actively participating in co-creating what you want! And very often, my programs and services are in direct response and service to what is asked for. I'm all ears...

I'll also be announcing the Program through the Newsletter >>