You are Sound. And you are vibration. You are an 'eternally travelling consciousness' (J Adam Davis).

Be still, and Know.
When we enter silence, when we breathe and touch our own resonance, we Are.

In essence, there is nothing more to say.


The experience of Meditation can be tricky to connect with, at least initially. The mind flits, emotional drivers emerge. 
The challenge is to observe, in loving neutrality. Devoid of story, unalloyed with history. Your simple Presence.

The AUDIO Meditations in the Shop are recorded to assist you in finding a place of stillness. Of space.
Many of them begin in the body. In the breath. 

Enjoy them. Expect to find the collection evolve and expand greatly during 2015.

AND, under the image directly below, you will soon find a Free Gallery of short Meditations and Images. Little Medi-scapes.
Touchstones, refreshers; brain and spirit washes... Coming very soon :)


 First, come to peace. Jim Jim Falls,  Kakadu  National Park

First, come to peace. Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National Park


An Photographic image and word Meditation.

A journey to the Alhambra, Granada, Spain, 2012.

Free, of course.

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