Online Photography Courses - each, a walkabout

I invite you to take a moment, pause, drop down. Breathe and see. Feel. What is in front of you? Now. Right before your eyes and right smack in the middle of your experiencing self. Create an image. What does it hold for you? 
What if you moved it in your body, wrote about it, shared it... 
Luminous. You are.

Each of my courses invites you to notice the places where the land echoes your physicality.
Bringing you home to yourself.  
What arises within you when you do this? What changes in your awareness?

photo and word prompts embodying your terrain

A love letter from the earth to your body, reminding you to step into nature infused with poetry, and the experience your body as part of the living landscape.

Each course offers a different portal, fresh experiences. Held over 2-4 weeks.
Each is a series of image and words, guiding you somewhere new.
Each is a gathering of community. Your Others, walking with you.


breathe, sense, spine

Embodying your breath, searching the sensation of your midline, and finding the long curving river of your spine.

breathe, sense, spine is coming soon. Duration, daily for three weeks.

There will be simple movement practices and  foundational yoga, embodied meditation Audios to generate ease in your spine.
With luminous images (of course!), Image creation and writing prompts and invitations. And, of course, your Community.

I invite you to change the way you experience your spine!


water. rock. tree

When we resonate with the fluids of the planet, the bones of the earth (rocks), and the Beings that live as trees, we return to our wholeness. We settle deeply into ourselves. Calm, grounded, spacious peace prevails.

water.rock.tree runs over three weeks.



luminous - you are

My Signature Course. 

Your bones echo rocks, your interior fluids know the rhythms of waterways.

Luminous runs over four weeks.


Lake - contemplative photography as daily practice

Each day this past year or more, I've walked the Lake where I live.

Most days I take my camera. I say hello to water, to birds, to trees and sky and wind. 

When we walk and make images, as a Practice, it changes us. Layer upon layer... 

Lake runs over two weeks.


beyond your selfie


a new series of online experiences, and live photo events, for  young women

A fun, enlivening, and hopeful encounter: walking in nature and creating images.

What if you turned your attention inside out? 
What might it feel like, look like, to walk and play again in lightness and joy?
For your heart to expand, fit to burst, in wonder and delight?

It's here. You're here. Now.

All you need is your beautiful sensing self and a sense of curiosity.
An image capturing device. A sharing device.
A willingness to be surprised! A propensity for unbridled laughter.
And a joy in communing with your Others.

BEYOND YOUR SELFIE  is a global program in development.
There are live and online offerings;
events are collaborations with Photographers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa and Australia.
More details are coming soon.


Most courses


In your Inbox, you'll receive an email, with images and words for the day, with a paragraph of reflection of body-land connection. Your invitation is to make an image/s in response, and share it, together with your own words of your experience, in a private online Group just for that Course - your community!

There will be Audio recordings; little meditations to anchor you in your embodied experience
A PDF collation of the Prompt images and words (so you don't have to harvest them yourself!)


Some courses will have recorded interviews with other photographers. ALWAYS inspiring!
On occasion, as the joy blows our way, some course offerings will have a Live event optional extra.

what camera will I need?

Any camera is perfect. Seriously.
Your iPhone, your compact, your DSLR. Whatever you have is just perfect.

But I'm not a photographer, can I still do this?

YES! Yes. Of course!! If you can turn on your camera, (or Phone), breathe, aim and click, you can do this!

How to hear when Registration opens?

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