Welcome to Embodied Terrain!

I’m Narelle,
Woman of the Sea.
Listener to the Land.

Walker of Songlines.

I make sacred Images of the land where it echoes our own physicality. I write about that.
I teach Yoga. Specifically of the Body Earth, and, as a specialist in Yoga for Scoliosis, Backcare & Spinal Anatomy.
I Train Yoga Teachers; part of my Legacy.

I’m thrilled you’re here.

I teach yoga globally. Not just any yoga: Yoga of deep embodiment of your interior landscape.
Yoga that supports fluency, grace, and your strong fluid spine.

I’m in Europe and the UK during May.
Find out where I am and what I’m teaching:

My next Yoga for Scoliosis and Backcare Training Events, and PD for Teachers are in Kent UK, and Brussels Belgium.

And yes, it’s possible to work together, in a Private Yoga Session, or personal retreat. We can even do this via Skype:

Which brings me to Mentoring; a precious relationship of Listening, distilled guidance, and support.

Perhaps you’d like support in your Home Yoga Practice, or clarity and direction in your Yoga Teaching;
As a dance artist, you might have a project - in any stage of development - that you want some guidance with:

Maybe you make Images, or write words; I offer a way of listening to Place, and the embodiment thereof:

And, when what you’re really after, is right at the deep Core of your Being.
The part of you that knows that it knows that it knows.
The place of potent Choice.
What do you want?
really want.

yes, That.

I am a Walker of Songlines. My Saltwater Songlines
You can read a little about that, and how you might join me in walking your own inherent Songlines, here:

You can enjoy a range of Embodied Terrain Audio Meditation experiences, from 5-10 minutes, complimentary. You’re welcome!

What Trainings, Workshops & Events do I have coming up?

How you can reach out to me:

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Training in Yoga with Scoliosis & Backcare, Spinal Anatomy & Embryology, and Body Earth Yoga: