sky and sand kissing

My name, Narelle, is from an Indigenous Australian language. It means, "Woman of the Sea."

I made these images on Golden Beach, just north of Byron Bay, Australia, during a time of recent grief-walking, during April 2108.
I walked this long beach morning and late afternoon, processing, talking to the wind, sea and sky; sometimes howling.

When I stand on the Beach, I know who I am.
- Woman of the Sea.



written in sand

Going Walkabout is part of the Australian psyche.
Walking on the beach, looking at patterns etched in sand, through water, is part of my long experience of reading my Songlines.

These images were made during March and April, during this same journey of my heart.
On the north coast of Tasmania, in the estuary of the Brisbane River, and, on Golden Beach, near the most easterly point of Australia.