Meditation Audio Resources

These recordings offer you the opportunity to listen and experience the energetic of this work.
They are all 5-10 minutes duration.

Sound - the human voice, carries frequency, resonance. We are, in fact, Sound.
By listening and embodying the material, letting it flow through your tissues and consciousness, you are offered change.


Note: you do not need Dropbox to listen; simply click the link, and enjoy.
Headphones or earbuds are recommended for best quality.

Orienting in Space - 5 minutes

Holding a Human Vertebra - 9 minutes

The Fluid Field - 6 minutes

A Walking Meditation - 4.5 minutes

Breathing - 7.5 minutes

Sensing The Spine - 10 minutes

Spinal Embryology Meditation - 28 minutes

If you like what you’ve heard, and would like to experience more, you might like to move into the fluid field of your Origins.

I’ve made an extended version of Spinal Embryology, as a meditative experience that is both healing and transforming.
You can read more about that, and purchase, here >