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yoga for scoliosis & back pain

I am currently in Mexico until March 24, 2018.
I return to Australia March 2.


Melbourne, Australia; March 7-24. Private Yoga Sessions
Penguin, Tasmania; April 1-28. Private Yoga Sessions

BALI; May 5-June 5. Private Yoga Sessions

Shoalhaven Area, NSW, Australia; June 18- August 12. Private Yoga Sessions

Please join the Mailing list to find out about up upcoming YOGA WORKSHOPS in Australia and Bali.

Private Sessions Information; Read More here > 

body-land portrait sessions

As we return to Australia, from March 2018, we are offering our Signature Body-Land Portrait Sessions. Contact us to find out more and book your session.

March - April; June-August: We are available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Tasmania, Sydney and the Shoalhaven coast NSW.

May-June: We are available in beautiful Bali.


live events during 2018

We are in the early stages of planning our Global Events for 2018.
We look forward to offering you;

  • Yoga for Scoliosis and Backcare Workshops,
  • Private Yoga Sessions and Personal Retreats,
  • Yoga and Body-Land Portraits, 
  • Dance and Embodied Movement Improvisation Workshops,
  • Photography Workshops evoking the body-land.

To find out more, express your interest in attending these events, or if you are interested to host us for an event, please reach out to us.

We'd love to hear from you!

Online Offerings

EASS-y home study program

the Embodied Anatomy of the Spine in Scoliosis
-applied to Yoga

Get it now, whilst it's still available!

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movement monastery

Movement Monastery is an Online Resource in development, that will offer you a new paradigm in practising yoga and exploring movement.

Movement Monastery will encorporate the different voices of the landscape through the terrain of your body, in support of movement fluency and ease.

Some topics that we explore, include;

Bones - Rock
Sand - Connective Tissue
Your internal waterways - the various voices of your fluid systems
Embryology patterns in the fluid body
Trees - and your nervous system

As a Resource, Movement Monastery will include thoughtful movement and Asana explorations together with meditation experiences and evocative imagery, acting as prompts in your own embodied enquiries. 

Aspects of Movement Monastery will be available very soon; March 2018.

To hear when Online Courses, and online Mentoring become available, please do join the mailing list now!