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Live Events

transformation sessions
yoga for scoliosis & back pain

I am currently on a Beach on the East Coast of Australia

Golden Beach, North Coast, NSW
April 18 - May 18
Available for you:
Private Yoga Sessions
Transformation Sessions


ULURU May 20-27
Walking in Place

ICELAND June 18-25
Photographing the Body-Land

Photography and Writing Events. Details coming soon.

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Images of Narelle Carter-Quinlan by GE McKerrihan

Online Offerings


Songlines is a Project of Live and Online offerings in development.

A series of journeys in Photography, Writing, and embodied Movement, we will encorporate the different voices of the landscape through the terrain of your body.

Some areas that we will journey through, include;

Bones - Rock. Resonance, canyons, escarpments, ridges
Sand - Connective Tissue
Your internal waterways - the various voices of your fluid systems
Embryology patterns in the fluid body
The rainforest of the Lungs
Trees, Lichen -  and your Nervous System

You can read more about this Project and how you can benefit, participate, and Contribute to the development of this Work, here >>


EASS-y home study program

the Embodied Anatomy of the Spine in Scoliosis
-applied to Yoga

Get it now, whilst it's still available!

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