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September 8-9
A Workshop for experienced students and Yoga Teachers
Hosted by Shri Yoga, Brisbane. 
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Kind Words from this Event:
Thank you so much for bringing Narelle to the studio. The workshop appeared, as though reading my thoughts, as I searched online for something else entirely.
I have been wanting to attend Narelle's work for some time.
I was not diappointed.
Everything about the workshop was unexpected and enlightening. I came away feeling a new sense of purpose as a teacher, and with a feeling of lightness and physical empowerment. I have learned to experience my yoga practice from the perspective of my spine. I would definitely return for a second workshop and would love to attend Teacher Training with Narelle.
AB - Brisbane. Yoga Teacher and Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

September 15
Moving and Sounding in a Fluid Field, a Workshop within
the Australian Dance Therapy Symposium 
Co-taught with with Jean Tally.


Yogyakarta, INDONESIA
January 25-27
Yoga for Scoliosis - Yogyakarta

February 9, Embodied Dance,
February 16-17, Yoga & The Spine,
Portraits, February 3-15.
Hosted by the Albany Yoga Room

February 22-24
Earth Felt Dance: Embodied Dance and the Body - Land.
Dance Improvisation, Ritual Making, Photography as Interior mapping & Story.
A 2.5 day Symposium Event on Maui, co-facilitated with Caroline Kleindienst.
Portraits February 21-22.

Workshops in Yoga for Spinal Health, Scoliosis, Backcare.
Workshops and Events in Embodied Dance from the Fluid Field.
Yoga for Scoliosis; Portraits,

in Salzburg, March 22-24.
Yoga for Scoliosis; Portraits,

in Margate UK, May 18-19.
Yoga for the Spine, Portraits.

Datesin Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, TBA.

Teacher Training in Yoga for Scoliosis and Back Pain and Spinal Health.

We are currently completing our Workshop & Teacher Training schedule for you.

PRIVATE Yoga Sessions are available in association with Workshops.
YOGA PORTRAITS: As part of the our Tours, we are offering you the opportunity to schedule a stunning Portrait Session, your Presence, witnessed and imaged. Read more about this unique and precious service >

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June Dates TBA.
A tour through Mexico.
Yoga for Scoliosis and Back Pain.
Hosted by Patricia Scanlan.


My long awaited signature Teacher Training is returning during 2019!
This work forms something of a Legacy Project, and I am deeply honoured to offer it to you. The next Teacher Training will be in Europe, early 2019, followed by Australia and New Zealand, during latter 2019.
Bless xo

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Images of Narelle Carter-Quinlan by Glen McKerrihan

Online Offerings

EASS-y Online course
Yoga for scoliosis & Backcare

My celebrated signature Program is a Pre-requisite for Teacher Training.
Teacher Training in Yoga for Scoliosis is scheduled for 2019 in Europe.
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AUGUST 6 - 24 . REGISTRATION is now Closed for this Offering.

Whilst the Current Offering of Songlines is Closed, Join the Mailing List to hear about future Offerings.
The next Songlines will be available during November,
Registration will open late October.
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When we commune with Place, when we inhabit the various terrains of our greater ecology within the tissues of our own bodies, it changes the way we initiate, support and express movement. It offers us new choices in movement. It changes the way we breathe, the way we experience our selves, the ways in which we relate with our Others, and the ways in which we relate with Wholeness itself.
It changes our consciousness. In this Gathering (eCourse), you will be guided through areas of the body-land, and invited to make images, write, and move in response. The online classroom offers daily prompts, Audios and Videos.

Some of the terrain we will be walking through, includes;

BEACH : Your internal waterways - the various voices of your fluid systems.
The littoral zone; as landscape and metaphor.
DESERT : Bones - Rock. Resonance, canyons, escarpments, ridges.
The Place of deep Listening. Ancestors.
SAND : Connective Tissue. Wholeness itself.
That which arises and disperses.

And, in later Songlines explorations;
Island; as Sanctuary.
Cityscape; the built landscape as Ecology of Place.
Mountain; as Source Point.
Rainforest as lush replenishment.

And even later;
Embryology patterns in the Fluid Body
Lichen -  your interconnected Nervous System
Sound, and its relationship with the voices of the Land itself.

Songlines is a  series of interior and exterior Journeys in Photography, Writing, and embodied Dance Improvisation, where we literally en-corporate the different voices of the landscape through the terrain of the body. Live offerings include Workshop and Retreat events globally.

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