Embodied Songlines: Image - Word - Love

This is a new Page on this Site for a new Project I am currently developing: Embodied Terrain Songlines. 
I'll soon be sharing online and live Events with you.
You will be able to participate with your Self, in community, through Photography, Writing, Movement and Sound Workshops globally.
I will also be offering a Service of Mentoring.
In the meantime please check the Events page to see my whereabouts and what's on offer.

the journey - where to

This past year, I've been journeying in Hawai'i, Mexico, New Zealand, in Tasmania and along the East Coast of my native Australia.
This next stage of the journey moves further across the globe:

To the very Heart of my Land: Uluru - the Center of the oldest continent on earth.
This is something of a Home-Coming to me. A call I am answering that I have heard over long decades. A sacred Retreat into Country. In May.

From there, if you imagine the globe, and draw a line directly, diagonally, up: Iceland!  The youngest continent (think all that geothermal activity still creating it!). I am honoured to have been invited to teach the Photography of the Body-Land in a Women's retreat. In June.

A dear friend lives in South Africa. Land of our origins. A land where animals breathe Place alive as if they create it. Which, they do.
During August, for a month, I will visit the place where we all first walked, together. Sensing. Making images. Languaging Place. 


This concept, this Practice, of Walking in the Land, is not new to me. It isn't new to you, either.
It is, in fact, your natural way of Being.

When we inhabit ourselves, as felt, known Place, we re-turn to our Source. Embodied. Present.
Resonant and Alive.

This Project is offered in Loving service to Everything that you truly Are.
Here. Now.


This next stage of the development of Embodied Terrain Songlines, happens with far greater ease and flow, with your loving support.

Your support assists me in physically making the Songline Journeys across our World; being present in the Land, creating the Images and writing the Words.
All offered to You, in service, and held as sacred. As Upliftment, for us All. Now.
This Project includes the development of a suite of deeply transformational Embodiment Online Events & Resources, a Gathering of the Presence of physical images, and the evolution of live events, Retreats and Workshops. 

You can make a Contribution to this forward journey. For All of Us.
I invite you to join with me. To join with all of Us.
You can Contribute whatever amount you wish.
Please know that everything offered assists this Project. Everything. 
My Deepest Gratitude to You,
Love, Narelle xo

 playa bruja, mazatlan, mexico

playa bruja, mazatlan, mexico

Image Making - my Prayer to Place

I am a Photographer and a Writer. (School of Life)
A Dancer, a Yogi, a spiritual Transformer. (Formal, looooong, Training)
I am also a Scientist. (Academic and Research based)

For the curious amongst you, you can read a little of my Photographic Story here >

special note

"Songlines" is a term that is often used to name a sacred indigenous relationship with creation and the land.
My own work in Songlines, is sourced in my own life's walk, together with a grounded and formal initiation I received by an Indigenous Elder from the Darwin area of Northern Territory, Australia, and its subsequent deep and conscious integration of that in the Blue Mountains, NSW, over a decade, and in South East Queensland for over two decades. 

Embodied Terrain Songlines, as this project offers, is your own embodied relationship with Place. The Places you walk in your own life, both interior, and in the land.
My work offers deep reflection and conscious self-participation with that walk, through image making (photography), writing, deep embodiment of the land, and movement practices. 

Everyone is a Dancer, an Improviser. Everyone breathes, moves. Everyone inhabits the land, their greater ecology.
How you move, is effected by your conscious relationship with Place.
With the rocks that echo your bones, with the earth's waterways, echoing your own interior fluid systems.
Everything around you is alive.
Your breath, your sound, your embodied movement is in reverent, listening communion with All Things.

To create images - to photograph - from this place of conscious communion with the land, in a way that tells your heart's story, is your own Songline acknowledgement and creation.

Please join with me. Breathe, Image, Move, Experience.

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Images of Narelle Carter-Quinlan by GE McKerrihan