Saltwater Songlines: Image - Word - Movement.

The littoral zone of your consciousness.

Saltwater Songlines is an expression of my own Walk.
My images, my words, both pay tribute to, and are in reverent communion with, my experience of Place.

As a walk through your own Dreaming, and the Country of You, Saltwater Songlines, is also a curation of live and online journeys.
In each event or offering, you journey through the Country of yourself with sacred Photography, Writing, Movement and Sound.

Within the Songlines process, I also offer a Service of Mentoring

Please check the Events page to see my whereabouts and what's currently on offer.

I am excited to be in the creation stage of a beautiful Medicine Deck of Cards, for You.
A sampling of images within the Saltwater Songlines Deck, lives here >>

the recent journey - and, where to next

During 2017, I journeyed in Hawai'i, Mexico, New Zealand, in Tasmania and along the East Coast of my native Australia.
Each land had its own felt sense of Place; its own special relationship with my own internal Songlines, etched in my body.
The next stage of my journey moved further across the globe:

During May 2018, I made a Pilgrimage to Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Sacred land in my Country’s interior, of profound resonance.
Whilst I knew that this journey would be a Home-Coming to me, I was most deeply touched in unexpected ways.
You can read a little of that experience here >>
You can also visit the new Galleries, and experience the touch of these places, through Image.

In late June I travelled to Iceland. The exact opposite point on the planet from Central Australia.
Land of glacier and waterfall, of basalt and black sand beaches. Land of my Ancestral Vikings, of my father's lineage.
I was honoured to have been invited to teach the Dance Improvisation component in a Women's creative retreat.
Galleries of a few images from this journey live here >>

In late 2018-early 2019 I am in Far North Queensland, New Zealand, and Indonesia.
Offering you Yoga, deep movement, sound and photographic Events.

Most recently, I’ve been housesitting for a month on the North Island of New Zealand, and Teaching Body Earth Yoga in Western Australia.
A few images from my time on Bethells Beach, NZ, can be viewed here >
Some images from Albany, along the south coast in Western Aus, live here >


This concept, this Practice, of Walking in the Land, is not new to me. It isn't new to you, either.
It is, in fact, your natural way of Being.
As you walk in Country, in Place, it sings you into being. As you sing the land into being.
In intimate relationship with Place, you are part of the greater ecology, and literally, belong to one another.
Body and Land.
This is Love.

When we inhabit ourselves, as felt, known Place, we re-turn to our Source. Embodied. Present.
Resonant, vibrant and Alive.

This Project is offered in Loving service to Everything that you truly Are.
Here. Now.

and why the littoral?

The littoral zone is that place between high and low tide. An edge, a transitional zone. A place of constant change, often rich in living diversity.
As a child I walked the littoral zone daily. It imprinted me, its fluids, its sandstone, its wee sea creatures.
As an adult I still walk these places, where ever and when ever possible.
Littoral zones reflect our ongoing consciousness. Our state of Being.
They reflect our own interior tides, patterns, changing forms.
They reflect our ongoing state of Creation.

Truth is; the Littoral is my Primary Songline.


playa bruja, mazatlan, mexico

playa bruja, mazatlan, mexico

Image Making - my Prayer to Place

I am a Photographer and a Writer. (School of Life)
A Dancer, a Yogi, a spiritual Transformer. (Formal, rigorous, demanding, and looooong Training in each)
I am also a Scientist. (Formal Academic studies and degrees, teaching, and post graduate Research based)

For the curious amongst you, you can read a little of my Photographic Story here >

special note

"Songlines" is a term that is often used to name a sacred Indigenous Australian relationship with creation and the land. With sound and with movement.
My own work in Songlines, is sourced in my own life's walk, together with a grounded and formal initiation I received by an Indigenous Elder from the Darwin area of Northern Territory, Australia, and its subsequent deep and conscious integration of that initiation whilst living in the Blue Mountains, NSW, over a decade, and in South East Queensland for over two decades. My initiation, generally given to Indigenous Australians only, permissioned and sancitified me to work with specific and sacred aspects of the felt and visceral relationship of the body in the land. The conscious journey continues, with ongoing direct Blessing.

Saltwater Songlines, as this project offers, is your own embodied relationship with Place. The Places you walk in your own life, both interior, and in the land. My work offers deep reflection and conscious self-participation with that walk, through image making (photography), writing, deep embodiment of the land, and dance-movement and Sound practices. 

Everyone is a Dancer, an Improviser. Everyone breathes, moves. Everyone inhabits the land, their greater ecology.
How you move, is effected by your conscious relationship with Place.
With the rocks that echo your bones, with the earth's waterways, echoing your own interior fluid systems.
Everything around you is alive.
Your breath, your sound, your embodied movement is in reverent, listening communion with All Things.

To create images - to photograph - from this place of conscious communion with the land, in a way that tells your heart's story, is your own Songline acknowledgement and creation.

Please join with me. Breathe, Image, Move, Experience.

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Portraits of Narelle Carter-Quinlan by Glen McKerrihan