Auckland, New Zealand. 9 February 2019

Body : Earth : Dance


Maui, Hawai’i. February 22-24 2019

Earth Felt Dance

Ritual; The conscious actions of the sacred. Blessings of the body and spirit, in Place.
Ancestor; The Presence of those who have walked before us, in Place. A Healing of Lineage.
Gathering; A communion of the Self, with Others.
Somatic and Movement Practices; Self initiation into the Land.

Through practices of sacred movement-dance and Sound, together with the expressions of the visual and spoken language, we are invited to acknowledge ourselves, all of us, as children of the earth. The sacred earth. As we balance of the nervous system with the fluid system, we come to a space of Open Attention. We enter the liminal space.

We belong. We are our own Belonging. To ourselves. To one another. To Place.

We begin this journey with the Hawaiian tee leaf ceremony.
We enter the Dreamtime, as Dreamer, with Creation. The conscious setting of intent.

Water and the Fluid system. our internal waterways.
Pools are Portals. The Pool of release. The Pool of replenishment. The Pool of re-memberence of our selves, of our body parts, on relationship on to another. A prayer of the Body. Portal to our Wholeness with All Things.
The amniotic waters. Gestational.
Like the earth in its volcanic core; reigniting.
As we commune with our own body’s interior flow, we remember, move and create from, this ecology.

Spiralling pathways; Our Breath is omnidirectional: we inhale, we exhale. In. And out. The pattern of navel radiation is about our Center, our core to our edges, our periphery. It is about the relational world of self and Other. It is the way our limbs relate one to another. Naval Radiation is both directional and intentional. It is how we interact with the world, and how we manifest creation, from our Core. Naval Radiation is a primal fluid based developmental movement pattern. As we come deeply home to this patterns, we are nourished, at Source. Deeply so.

Know Always, that the Land is internal Resource to our soul, collaborator with our incarnation.


Co-Facilitated with Somatic Practitioner and Dancer, Caroline Kleindienst
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Embodied Terrain Dance Workshops

  • Body Earth Dance

    I am an Image maker. It is natural as breathing to me, to walk in the land, to see the echo of our own physicality within the greater ecology. In this workshop, we source our movements from felt images of the Land, and spoken metaphor, finding that within our own visceral sensation and source of movement impulse and language.

    The next Body Earth Dance Event is in Auckland New Zealand, February 9.

    Followed by a two day Symposium event, Earth Felt Dance, on Maui, Hawaii, February 22-24.
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  • Dance your Strong Fluid Spine

    As we locate our interior midline, its three dimensionality and its relationship with the space around us, we find our Presence. Our spine remembers its resiliency, poise, grace, and inherent dignity.

  • Flying!

    We all know this feeling; Freedom!
    Aligned with the sacred Medicine of Eagle, this movement pattern of Flight, is a Kahuna Tradition, into which I was Trained during 1990. With strong and clear grounded relationship with the earth as wellspring, flight that unfurls its wings from the very heart itself, becomes possible. Flying calls forth profound spacial and kinaesthetic awareness, balance, articulation and refinement of the sensorial body. Lightness of Being and states of overarching awareness of Consciousness ensue. Power, joy, expansion. Majesty.

These Workshops are available globally.

portraits of narelle carter-quinlan by Glen Mckerrihan

portraits of narelle carter-quinlan by Glen Mckerrihan