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An online walkabout into the country of your Spine. 


Your spine is your midline. That around which everything organises and orients. Your interior Songline.
It is how you know yourself and your sensate relationship with the world. With All that Is.

EASS-y: the next best thing to working with me Personally!

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Background to this Course

Years ago, I watched, and I grieved as my body became rigid, dry, stiffening-brittle. Lecturing at University and undertaking post graduate research in anatomy, training and practicing intensively in a rigorous and highly demanding form of yoga, I had left my fluid form in drought. At the time, with little whole movement practice, I hungered to re-member beauty and yearned to re-turn to the lush flowing fields of my movement and dance practices.

Anatomy, as exquisite as it truly is, isn't everything. While clarity and precision are essential - together they form highly articulate and intelligent, penetrative action - they just aren't the whole ecology of the picture. Knowing your interior as directly felt, kinesthetic experience and knowing how to take that knowing and experience into your yoga practice, changes everything. Practice becomes communion with your felt and lived inner terrain. A homecoming. Practice becomes Love.

When you experience yourself as whole, as part of the  environment and the greater ecology, you offer your body, your organism, a profound sense of place, of relationship. Of spacious, fluid, ease. Of integration. You are not separate. Welcome home.

image credit gE mckerrihan

image credit gE mckerrihan

EASS-y. Embodiment. Anatomy. Your Spine.

The embodied anatomy of your spine - applied to yoga.
What's the other 'S', I hear you asking. That's for scoliosis. The curving river of my particular spine, and, the central watercourse of most of the folk I serve.
Although really; if you have a spine, EASS-y is for you. I made it for you. Truth.

'I feel my practice now is about re-configuring the map of my own terrain and that process demands a higher sense of awareness and sensitivity.  This in turn has impacted the way that I teach. Simply having a deeper understanding of basic anatomy has helped me in inviting students to become more familiar and compassionate with their own bodies. I loved the sense of safety I felt in our small circle of women, all invested in helping ourselves and each other through these uncharted waters. I loved the meditations and your use of language that so beautifully freed the mind from its earthly moorings and allowed it to move beyond the perimeters of our known shape. I would recommend this training to anyone with scoliosis and or back issues and a yoga practice, who wants to empower themselves in self-management.'
Maree Taylor. Yoga Teacher and Owner at yogaheart.com.au


The celebrated e-course, EASS-y. A home-study program, for you.

Over four weeks we will journey into the country of your spine. Its particular and specific bony landmarks. How these feel, as known place, within you. How they move and what is going on when movement is challenged! And how to evoke change within that. We take a walk through the territory of science to discover what happens in an asymmetric spine, learning that the impact reaches far beyond bony architecture! And believe me, most of us inhabit some level of asymmetry! What might we do with this information? And how will we make intelligent choices in yoga practice that elicit

  • safe navigation in asana,

  • real and potent change in your spine,

  • fluid, strong, integrated movement throughout your entire body-organism,

  • and a deeply evolving conversant relationship with this place; your spine-body-landscape.

EASS-y is an online Home Study course.  
As you download the material, you can work through the program at your own pace through the week. You will receive:

  • Weekly slide shows (two PowerPoints/week), illuminating spinal (and related) anatomy, basic pathology, developmental movement patterns, asana. Along with my photographs of country that speak to the Body-Land and ignite that integration for you;

  • Audios of the Slide shows available as MP3 files to listen to separately, or with the slides;

  • An Audio Meditation each week exploring the material;

  • Weekly Demonstration videos of asana and embodiment explorations;

  • Weekly PDF documents with a suggested practice list, together with reflection prompts;

and, as a Bonus, an additional Bonus PDF image and Resource list - super helpful!

This is what I hear, without fail, from every single person who walks into my studio. The fear of their 'back' becoming 'worse' as they get older.
The deep concern that their movement ease and fluency will decline over time. Sadly, untended to, truth is: it will.

The scientific literature is clear on this one. Particularly within an asymmetric spine.
Gravity is unremitting. Research also indicates that unchallenged asymmetric spinal loading leads to,

  • early degenerative changes (within the discs and facet joints);

  • instability of spinal elements;

  • increased injury risk;

  • progressive curve increment;

  • pain.

And this is what I see. I see a swarm of busy-ness as perhaps, never before. Too busy to take the time to tend to oneself, too busy to move the body mindfully, regularly. Too busy to drop down and re-cognise (become conscious and aware!) that we are part of a greater whole. That you, beloved, are part of a greater whole. And it breaks my heart.

'I have noticed amazing changes. I feel like my spine is physically shifting. It has brought a sense of greater calm into my system and I actually feel like I am experiencing joy once more. I have known about my scoliosis since I was 13 yrs old, but I never really thought it was significant enough to impact my life. I now know that it has impacted me greatly. It was such a relief to know why I feel like I do and have done for so long - the disorientation and confusion, the lack of awareness of my body in space. I feel like I have been disorientated for such a long time and I have now found a sense of self which offers me comfort and groundedness. This in turn impacts my teaching, and helps me to bring more awareness and empathy when working with others.'
Tracey Lenarduzzi. Yoga Teacher and Owner at treeofmind.com.au

Where we travel during this Course

NOTE: Whilst I have arranged the Material into Four Modules, you might allow eight weeks to cover the content.
Know that the content is rich, deep, and a LOT to engage with, study, practice and absorb!


An introduction to the lay of the Land of this online journey;

Spinal Anatomy and Basic Spinal Pathology (discs and facets);

Bone and cartilage as living tissue;

What is scoliosis? Looking at the asymmetric experience of midline.


A brief walk through the physiologic sequelae of asymmetry - what the literature tells us of scoliosis; in particular,

  • breath in the scoliotic terrain, (or any spinal terrain for that matter!);

  • dialogue of muscle tissue in the spine;

  • sensing the body in space and kinesthesia;

  • bony density changes;

  • the conversation of nervous and fluid systems.

A rationale for YOGA practice in both the symmetric and asymmetric spine, that speaks intelligently to this information.


Considering the Practice of Yoga.

Choosing intelligent practice enquiries and applying what we've discovered so far to the so-called 'Miscellaneous Asana'. These asana will form an important baseline for you.

Leveraging this information in Standing Asana - your absolute KEY foundation for a healthy, integrated spine. Yes, your legs!

Accessing (and inviting change within) your lumbar spine through your lower limbs


Introducing Asana that impact the shoulder girdle, rib basket and thoracic spine. Including,

  • some Inversion preparations, and why their voice might be valuable;

  • basic Spinal rotations (twisting); spirals in service to de-rotation;

  • simple Spinal extensions ('backbending'); opening the carapace of the beetle's back;

  • and, a brief introduction to the vital importance of restorative practices in yoga within an asymmetric body.

Special Note; inherent in every session, is the consideration of the body as ‘country’, as ecology.
‘Mapping’ the country, listening to it, and searching the relationship of one ‘place’ on another.


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Your Guide

image credit GE mckerrihan

image credit GE mckerrihan

Narelle Carter-Quinlan is renowned as a global leading exponent on yoga within an asymmetric body and the lived experience of the spine. She is an anatomist and histologist by academic, experiential and yes, cadaveric training. She has taught Anatomy, Pathology and Histology at Queensland University of Technology over seven years. Her unique body of work integrates the practice of yoga and dance with imagery informed by her journeys into the Australian land - her home.

Passionate about her subject and vibrantly engaging, Narelle has guest presented to sell out Workshops and lectures at Yoga Union Centre for Backcare and Scoliosis in New York City, has taught the spinal anatomy and scoliosis research component of Elise Miller's yoga for scoliosis Teacher Training in San Francisco, has taught Yoga for Scoliosis and Backcare Intensives within Europe, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and of course, teaches in her native Australia.

She has presented her scholarly and movement research in yoga and the spine at International peer reviewed Conferences, including the World Congress for Low Back Pain, the World Dance Alliance Global Summit, International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, The Australian Osteopathic Convention, and twice at the Australian Yoga Therapy Conference.

Beloved for her uniquely beautiful, rich, information dense presentations, and deep, yet playful teachings on Spinal Anatomy, Narelle delights in illuminating the complex with originality, humour and story. With her formal training and apprenticeship in the Iyengar method of yoga unravelling close to two decades, Narelle's yoga and movement practice spans five. She is a dancer, choreographer and artistic director, writer and Photographer.