EASS-y Feedforward

My deep thanks for making this journey with me.

To assist me in developing EASS-y, I ask you to consider filling in the following short Feedforward.

You do not need to answer every question, if the questions don't speak to you; answer what you will.

Before you answer the questions, sit quietly, and connect with your experience of EASS-y over these few weeks; connect with yourself - and breathe. Read through the list of questions once, then settle with each question individually, taking the words in and allowing them to resonate for you. Know that your reflections on your own journey assists those that follow you; your responses illuminate places where I might open out the experience more. In loving service.


Thank you so much. I am truly grateful as you take the time and offer me this information.

My Love,



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EASS-y 2014 Feedforward
When you were considering participating in EASS-y, what hesitations or concerns did you have?
What would you like to see more of in EASS-y? What would you like to see less of? Or done differently?
How did you find the PowerPoints assisted you?
How did the Audio Meditations help you?
How did the practice PDFs serve you in guiding your enquiries?
How did the videos add to you experience of integrating the material?
How did the Facebook forum work for you and or enhance your experience of EASS-y. If you didn't participate in the Facebook forum, is there something else that may have offered you community?
What has changed in your experience or awareness of your body? What changes have you noticed in your yoga practice? Or, if you are a yoga teacher, in your teaching? ( I invite you to be specific. ) How is this different from where you started?
If the material in EASS-y were presented as a 4 week "Introductory course" what do you see as essential for yourself? This might be content or delivery.
If the material were presented as a longer 8 week offering, what would you like to see developed? Again, this might be content or delivery. How would this assist you?
Would EASS-y be something you would recommend to others? If so, why, and to whom?
Is there anything else you would like to tell me about your experience of EASS-y?