How much time will this course take me each week? 

Your life's full, and your schedule is chockers. AND, this EASS-y e-course is calling your name. I get this one, believe me I sooo get this one, (don't even ask!). Here's my answer; I could say, maybe 2-3 hours per week, but what does that even look like? Think of it this way; look at the slideshows - one at an easy time, days apart perhaps. Breathe. Another day, watch a few of the demonstration Videos; let the mirror neurons percolate. Listen to the Audio Meditation. Peruse the PDF asana practice and reflection prompts, and do at your easy leisure. There! 
And watch the changes :)

Know that in a home-study version of this e-course, it is all about working at your own pace.
With Love and in peace. You have your whole life to do yoga.


Do I get lifetime access? 

The materials are downloadable, (with videos clickable to add to your watch later playlist).
They are yours for your lifetime. 


Why an e-Course?

For decades now I've taught folk in live events; classes, workshops, Teacher Trainings. In many villages around the globe. And the thing I hear constantly; 'how can I work with you when I'm in ..... (New York City, London, Amsterdam, Salzburg, Helsinki... etc) when you're in ....Brisbane?'. Soooo, this offering is an attempt to make some of my more central work available to more folk.


Will you be offering EASS-y again?

The short answer is; No. This version of EASS-y will never be offered again.
Enter now :)



Can I 'share' the PowerPoint slides, Audios, Videos, PDFs, and other delivered information with my friends, yoga teacher etc?

Please, I ask that you send your allies forward to purchase their own copies of EASS-y. This is clean practice of integrity and is deeply appreciated. The work within EASS-y represents my Intellectual Property. Here are my musings on what Copyright really means. Your respect and acknowledgement of this is honoured. Thank you.


Is EASS-y only relevant to people with scoliosis?

In a word - Nope. I made EASS-y for everyone. The only pre-requisites are that you are curious about searching the sensation of your spine. 


Will the Anatomy or Physiology be too detailed for me? Or, Will the Anatomy or Physiology be too simple for me?

A tricky question to answer, since I don't know where you're placed. But I WILL say this; the anatomy and physiology components area reflection of the landscape (which you are), and you will be encouraged to feel and embody that. This is Beauty, pure and simple. And Beauty nourishes the Soul. The A & P components are presented in a sequential manner, with image references. It's the image that's important! And your capacity to experience and embody that. Most importantly, the anatomy is about the Body-Land, and your part within this greater ecology. This is grounding. Healing. And it answers your deep aching hunger for Love and Unity. There, I've said it. And now you know.


Who is this course for - yoga teachers, students, or Others?

My deepest intent is that everyone, who chooses, can enter this portal. I made it for You. Yes, You. Whilst the material is strongly applied to yogasana, it is relevant to dancers, athletes (amateur and pro), actors, writers, photographers, sculptors, teachers of any discipline, Body-workers, somatic practitioners, walkers-down-the-street. (and; if know someone to whom EASS-y might Sing, please pass it on. Why thank you!)


I'm a Yoga teacher, will this brief course enable me to work with students with scoliosis?

Please note that this brief (but deep!) foray is NOT a yoga Teacher Training. Whilst I do offer Teacher Training, that is a significantly longer program and journey, which includes live training events and rigorous assignment and Practicum work over the course of near a year. But EASS-y will give you a fresh perspective, and hopefully, fresh new enquiries and experiences to offer your students with scoliosis (or other spinal challenges). It is indeed a great place to start!


What else will this course give a yoga teacher (or a student, or...anyone)?

Know that it is my intent to answer a call I hear. It is not enough to 'know anatomy' (and how much is enough, and the questions of both relevance, and application, arise here). The call is this: a) the keening at this time in the planet's history to acknowledge and to return to a conscious sensing of body, of spirit incarnate, and b) the deep healing  that naturally arises as we hear again, our songlines, both interior and in country. To find our relationship with the planet's body. To take this into the lived experience of our own body, in movement. In reverence, in joyous celebration and in awe and wonder.


I'm a yoga student, will this course enable me to work with my own scoliosis?

The honest beginnings of this process will be facilitated and enabled. If you are very new to yoga, this short course is probably best supplemented by with working with an experienced yoga teacher. If you're a 'continuing beginner', or intermediate student, or further along, step in and travel on!

Caveat; if you are working with a significant scoliosis or a spinal fusion, or significant/acute spinal injury or pathology (eg disc or facet lesion), much of the asana/practical component of EASS-y should be laid 'on the shelf', until you can find an experienced yoga teacher to support you. You will benefit however (possibly enormously), from the information presented and from the visualisation prompts inherent throughout the course.



What is available to me if I have questions?

From time to time I offer mentoring sessions via FaceTime, or Free Conference Call.
At present, with my travel schedule, these sessions are not available, although they will be again some time in the future. As they become available, I will announce them via the Embodied Terrain Newsletter.


Do you offer refunds?

I've thought long about this one. And my answer is No, namaste and sorry. 
This is a digital product, and once downloaded it is yours to keep. 
The material within this rich course is long researched, offered in Love (all there is, really), and, as benediction, offered to you.



'Narelle’s teaching has come from decades of self enquiry within her practice, workingwith respected teachers, ongoing studies around spinal anatomy and embryology,  and an underlyingquest for knowledge around functional anatomy in the terrain of the scoliotic spine. This program offers an exceptional insight into the way that our bodies are, how they move, and from where they have come.  In that knowing, we can work with our body in a compassionate and purposeful way to assist in altering the structure and what it supports, in a scoliosis. Thisin turn offers a roadmap from which the student canstart their own exploration and self management.
Great wisdom is on offer.
Maree Taylor. Yoga Teacher, Owner at yogaheart.



Here we go!!