Dance & Embodied Movement

I've recently begun opening up some Movement Mentoring Spaces for you, as you reach into support in your Dance Improvisation Practice. Perhaps you simply want to connect with your own embodiment, or movement process more deeply. Perhaps you're wanting some assistance in clarifying a Project goal. Or, maybe you're looking for something else altogether...

We'll be meeting together virtually. Via FaceTime or Skype.
Current Online Mentoring Fees:
Four 50-55 minute Sessions via FaceTime or Skype US$330; AU$440
Individual 50-55 minute Sessions US$100; AU$125

I'll also be offering Workshops, small Gatherings of like minded souls, or personal Retreats, over half day, or up to a week long.
We'll be meeting together in beautiful places across our world. See the Events Page to stay up to date on my whereabouts.

What my work offers you:
When we embody, that is, directly, consciously and viscerally encounter, an aspect of the landscape, we find its echo within our own interior. As we take the various aspects of the land into our soma, from bone-rock, to the tracery of lichen that threads like our nervous tissue, through the wash of our own internal waterways, we find the resonance of our own terrain as felt, known, poetic space. We become an embodied ecology. When we move, when we dance, from this place, we are healed. We are Wholed. Returned to our original vibrance, cohesion and flow. 

I am a photographer; I make images of the land where it echoes our physicality. Through witnessing - and taking into the body as felt experience - these images, a fundamental and authentic encounter of self in relationship with all things, emerges. The body, the organism, returns to its natural state of grace.

This opportunity is open to women wanting to connect more deeply with their dance improvisation, as personal practice; yoga practitioners and teachers, wanting a fresh approach to consciousness and inhabiting practice; photographers, wanting to explore another window to the prayer that is image making. I welcome you!


Please join my Newsletter Community, and hear as each Event is offered,
If you have something in mind, Connect with me now, and let's chat together about it.

Some Upcoming Dates and Locations to watch for Live, or Online Mentoring:

Far North Queensland, current, until November 19.
Gold Coast & Brisbane Queensland November 23- December 22.
Bali, Indonesia, mid January - mid February 2019
Maui, Hawai'i, late February 2019.

Blessed be,
Narelle x

portrait by glen mckerrihan

portrait by glen mckerrihan