Dance and Sound as embodied terrain

Dance, my first Language

My parents danced. They met, dancing. When I was tiny, my body twirled and twirled. Hearing music, I spun. On toes. At two. When I was four, I begged my mother to take me to dance classes. First, she told me, I must learn to swim.

Yes, we lived by Sydney's beaches. Yes, my father was a surf-lifesaver and pulled in more drowned bodies than he cared to recall. Yes, my mother, having near drowned, was afraid of water and wanted for me to have the deep pleasure of a body immersed.

AND. Something else. We are fluid beings; liquid kelp in motion.

What my mother did, knowingly or not, was re-turn me to my fluid origins that so in-formed my movement. Our first developmental movement patterns are fluid based. Lay these down with fluency and all other ways of moving on land emerge and are supported organically. Movement ripples through the organism.


We are Sound. We are vibration, frequency, resonance.
So is everything.

When we vocalise, we express our essence. 
The land is a living presence. It too, sounds. Whilst we may not hear it in an obvious sense, its language is alive and palpable.

My work explores relationship. The body, place, movement, sound.


The Project

For near two decades, I've been exploring this juxtaposition of photographic image (or the body directly in Place), movement (dance improvisation), and sound (vocalisation). The way the landscape echoes our own physicality. Myself in the depths of communion, until, what emerges, is Oneness. Unity.

Body. Place. Movement. Sound.

I've presented some of this exploration as performance in Brisbane, and in New York City, with the launch of my Photo book Australian Skin. I've taught workshops on this material through Europe and Australia. And, I practice. 

And, I'm currently developing this exploration into a series of live Workshop experiences.
The project also includes performance and photographic exhibition.


Journeys sensing country. Walking. Breathing.
Making images through photograph and word.
Movement, Sound.

When we participate with ourselves as part of the terrain, as benediction and sacrament, we enter a Dreaming.

We come home to ourselves, we heal, we transform.
We become part of something greater than ourselves; Embodied Terrain.