Studio Scoliosis: Yoga for Scoliosis Classes

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Sometimes we really need support as we build or re-turn to our consistent practice. The community of our Others.

The consolidation and guidance as we create our own practice.
This is what classes can offer.

classes are currently in recess.


I offer one - two evening classes per week, available by invitation only, to students who've been coming along to private sessions for awhile. Much more like a shared private session, class size is limited to just four students. Lots of questions, vigorous asana, fuelled by communion and fun. Change happens. Bodies become stronger, clearer, develop stamina and fortitude and move more freely. Spines unravel. Hearts open. Peace ensues.

Come Home. To yourself. Now.

If you'd like to attend these classes,

your first step is to schedule a private Assessment session. I need to hear your story, and be introduced to your back. And we can explore your needs from there. Generally, a pre or co-requisite to class attendance, is a minimum of a four session block, building a clear orientation for you and the beginnings of knowledge for your intelligent application in asana within these focused classes.

Know that you are seen and heard and you will practice yoga in a way that respects and appropriately challenges your spine.

Joy and relief!

In these fun and interactive classes  you will learn how to practice yoga safely to de-compress your spine, create length (both traction and internal lift) and build a functional stability. You will learn how to find your feet and your legs, in particular! Your hands and your arms. Harvesting, channeling and integrating your limbs into your spine. What happens? Powerful, felt and visible change in your back.

Classes are offered as approximately five-eight session blocks around my travel and teaching schedule.

These Private-shared classes are 1.5 hours and service just four students.

Current 2014 Fees: 5 session Blocks $200. Future Fees are subject to increase.


Read a little of Other's experiences

"After the asana I feel amazing. I feel stronger and I always feel straighter after a Yoga with Scoliosis practice; I feel like I have regained symmetry in my back body. My body feels more spacious, more open, integrated  and vastly different from my original position. I feel as if I am contained and supported and that my spine is reaching up out of my pelvis and my arms are an extension of the openness I feel in my chest.  I feel my core switched on. And, I have less back pain."

- Maree Taylor; Director and Yoga Teacher at Yoga Heart. Yoga and Scoliosis Teacher Training Trainee, 2013

"Narelle is very good at determining how far you can go with your body and what will be beneficial. She listens very closely to what you say. She is very aware of the individual's ability and is able, through her experience and intuition, to know how far to challenge a student. I think it’s really important to be challenged.

Narelle’s yoga classes are a place of non-judgment and support regardless of level and ability. It’s exciting to extend yourself and find that you can improve quite easily with practice."

- Catherine; yoga practitioner of six years, private student, and class attendee for two years

"I have noticed amazing changes. It has brought a sense of greater calm into my system and I actually feel like I am experiencing joy once more. For the first time, I am starting to feel like I inhabit my body, and it is such a blessing. I feel like it has brought some stability, calm and space into my whole sense of being."

- Tracey Lenarduzzi; Director and Yoga Teacher at Tree of Mind. Yoga and Scoliosis Teacher Training Trainee, 2013