Embodiment: Body as Landscape


Embodied; my choice to engage my consciousness and presence in each finely tuned, sensing moment. To be curiously aware, vibrantly and exquisitely sensate, in awe and wonder.




When I was very little, my Mum and Dad cajoled me to play outside. Instead, I explored my sensations of movement on my lounge-room floor. At four, turning my ankle this way and that in what I now know to be Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana (yes), I noticed shifting sensations in my hip. It electrified me. In many ways, this epiphany defined an important aspect of my long enquiry - my burning question became: how is it, that who I really am (the bit that's me), gets to be here, in this body? Embodied.

When my children were young, we spent a decade living in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Ancient canyons, escarpments and ridges sang my bones. Layered sandstone rang through my skin and heart as the Breath of the Land whispered my history through tall eucalypts...

During my time in the mountains, I trained in the making of gem essences, with Wendi Forbes. I designed, made and exhibited gemstone jewellery; bones from the body and spirit of the earth. From Wendi, I received an initiation into the Land; an initiation sourced in (her connections with) Indigenous Wisdom Teachings. 

Now? I dwell near the rainforest at Brisbane's edge. Dense palpable humidity effulgent; a liquid air. Where cricket, fruit-bat and frog symphony play the shuddering night. Now, I make photo images of the body of the land. I practice and teach yoga, movement and an embodied ecology-anatomy. 


Luminous - you are

In image, felt experience, word.
And in precious community.
My signature Photography course.
An online walkabout of four weeks.


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River of the Spine.
breathe, sense, Spine

A two week online journey into the country of your spine. Through image and word prompts, your invitation into sensing your body, and your back in a new way. Generating great ease.

Your invitation into photographing your back in relationship to nature.

Registration opens in July.

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Embodied Spinal Embryology Audio and e-Booklet

A meditation experience, re-membering the formation of your strong fluid spine.
Finding your axis-your midline changes EVERYTHING!

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Embodied Meditation

A suite of Audio recordings for you. Voice can transport us, can contain and hold us, guiding us, as we lean into meditation.

Meditations that anchor you in presence and assist you in travelling on...

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My Signature online course; much of this material is anchored in helping you sense your body, both its interior, together with its relationships through metaphor with the landscape.
Yoga, scoliosis and backcare.

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Live Photo events

Walk and immerse you in experience.

My Photo walks will literally take you into your embodied terrain.
They are an extension of the material in Luminous - you are. Live walkabouts into the country of your inner wilderness. Coming soon...