Two little Steller Stories

Recently, I re-discovered Steller. A wonderful platform to share Story in image and small words.

I had a play. I had fun.

I invite you to share my world, and have a look.

TREES AND ROCKS is a short celebration of the Pohutukawa trees here on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Like Ancestors, their presence is Grand Mother like.


SEEING WITH FRESH EYES is a beautiful short Online Photography Course, my partner, Glen, is offering. 

I'm not a technical image maker. My experience of making images has usually been immediate, visceral and child-like. More like "WOW" - and hold up my compact camera....and CLICK! It was about capturing the felt sense. Often I couldn't even see the camera's little screen properly!
I did't bother with composition, or with framing, and I didn't really care, thinking I'd just "crop it out" later.

And, for quite a while I enjoyed that. 

But here's what I knew. And what I yearned for.

I knew that my images could speak with far greater potency.
More directly. 
I knew that a well composed, attention to detail (read, edges and corners), astutely edited image could communicate the rich metaphors of the Body-Land that I felt so keenly.  And, I didn't know how.

As he glanced at the screen on my iPhone, and later, scrolled through my camera roll, My Love began to point things out; "Have you noticed the corners? Did you see the edges?" Nope, and ehhh, Nope.

Post processing, in an App; "If you just opened out those shadows a little, played with this or that light level, can you see the richness come through?"
Ahhh! Not just seen, but felt!

And... my images began to evolve. On my iPhone.

Of course, this is all joy and play to Glen. He has, after all, been a dedicated Fine Art photographer for over 40 years. View cameras, sheet film and darkroom. And, that experience is translated to any simple camera, including the one in your phone.

SEEING WITH FRESH EYES is a new e-Course that Glen has created, and will be a fun journey over two weeks, from August 21-September 1.