Body-Land Portraits


I experience my body as part of the greater ecology. Part of the land. For the longest time I have experienced myself in this way. My own interior echoed in the terrain of the landscape. It is, in fact, the "why" behind the title of this site, of my work and service. I find myself in deep communion with the land during dance, within my yoga practice, and simply, or course, whilst walking and photographing. Whilst Breathing.

We're living in Coolum right now. On the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Walking the beach each morn and each late afternoon. Making images, always. And, photographing Others. In our very beautiful, and signature, Body-Land Portraits.

During these sessions, it is my great joy, to support you in embodying your own connection and communion with the land. My husband, a deeply sensitive and long experienced photographer, creates images that witness your communion with Place.

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