Your Spine - Your Skin. Your Strong Fluid Spine

Most of us have a doorway, with a door jam at the top. Somewhere. Or something we can safely reach up to with both arms. Hold with our hands or fingers. Stand with grounded feet on the floor; deep roots. 

Once you've found your (safe) something, stand in front of it. Let your weight pour down, yield through your feet through the planet. Not collapse: yield, a living relationship. 

Raise your arms to your sides by sourcing your movement from your feet, and the earth, like wings. Watch a bird take off: they don't just jump up and hope for the best. First they yield; down a little then transferring that reciprocated rising momentum to their wings. Connected. Integrated. Whole. Ahhh, there you have it!

Grasp your handhold. Now bend your knees a little. Let the weight of your pelvis sink; sitting bones to heels. Keeping the front and the back of your pelvis balanced; the whole pelvis conversant front to back and left to right.

Now, here's the trick. Rather than just your 'arms' being raised, what if you experienced this whole length - along your side skin, your rib-basket, your shoulder blades, as integrated, like an internal stocking of connection, ( which it is!), from the interior and exterior of your bony pelvis all the way up through your torso to the spreading wings of your scapular and into your upper arms. And what if you allowed the stocking that lines the bony rib-basket to lengthen evenly, back and front, inner rib and outer rib. The bony pelvis your sensing feet. On the ground. Gravity. Lengthening your spine.

Front ribs, back ribs, inner ribs, outer Spine. Your ribs hug, and support, your spine. Sense the movement of your spine as you breathe. Ribs - spine. Search the sensation of your lengthening spine. From your pelvis. From your feet. From your opened-lengthened interior stocking that weaves the whole of you: pelvis, ribs, arms....and, Spine. Left and right of your spine (and, are they different?), the front and back of your spine....all the way down. And up. And down.

It never ceases: fall and rise and rise and fall. From the ground, from your breath.

From your integrated whole.

Riding gravity like a surfer. Riding your Breath.

What have you noticed? What has changed?

Travel on. And fly....