Cycles, rhythms and tides

January. A time of effulgent heat, here in Brisbane. Palpable humidity; liquid skin.

A time to immerse in the drenching air, and unravel. Re-calibrate. Rest. There's often naught else to do!

We are beings in integral relationship with all things. The rhythms of seasons, the cycles of climate, large and small, the breathing bodies of land and water. We inhabit our own bodies and believe we are separate. From each other, from the ecologic body of earth, from time and space. Yet we breathe the same air as each other, and are indeed, part of a whole. One. Even here. Perhaps, particularly here...

We live in a culture and at a time that asks us to participate in something that often goes 'against' this immersion in wholeness. This respect for the natural tidal ebb and flow of the human body, alive.

There is another choice.

This week I had the deep joy of interviewing Hiro Boga. A conversation about cycles and rhythms. Of being part of the greater ecology. You can find it here. Enjoy!



Tallebudgera Inlet, Queensland. When all I have is my little Android phone camera.