I've recorded this post for you as an AUDIO. Deep resonance. Enjoy x

Your spine is a long curving river. In scoliosis, and indeed, in all spinal terrains,  it is important to sense the course of the river, the riverbanks, the surrounding country. To encounter the inflow of the tributaries of the limbs, and observe their impact on the course of the river-spine. The tumbling boulder-and-vine calligraphy of your strong, fluid spine.

One of the greatest challenges in standing within a scoliotic landscape is sensing this inner terrain. Sensing the spine. Your spine. Its bony architecture, its festoonery of ligaments, its constantly communing and resolving dialogue of sensate and speaking muscle. Sensing the path of your spine through your midline, a circuitous axis. From the base of the globe of your skull, unravelling down and branching out to your rib basket, through the wild stone country of your lumbar spine and down on through the canyon of the pelvis to the arrow tip of your coccyx. Sensing the deep spine-river gorge's interior depths of your body, to just below the surface of your back skin.

Your skin. How will you sense and know your body's surface topography, its shape, its edges? Its hills, its valleys. How will you sense the relationship of the entire front sweep of your body, the breadth of your back body, the rib-trellis and pelvic escarpment of your side body? How will you sense the relationship of your body to its surrounding space and sense the relationships within your body, one part to another. And, how will you sense the all pervasive relationship - the fall and rise, yield-push-reach and pull with gravity: your Balance. Perhaps, your first relationship, one engendered in utero, as the eighth cranial nerve, your vestibular cochlear nerve, the first to myelinate, speaks to you, becoming a constant. Sensing, even here, your relationship with the Earth.

And, later, there will be the sensing of the relationship with the wind that moves through this interior landscape; your breath. The deep sensing of your lungs, a lobulated rainforest unfurling. The sensing of each lung, left and right, the depths of one side to another, and the knowing of your back and front lungs. Infilled. Or not. The fingering touch of the breath. Outer surface of lung to inner surface of ribs. Slippery. Tender. Intimate.

Much of this sensing is challenged within a scoliosis. And yet. My own experience suggests that this challenge invites me to deep, curious, compelling enquiry. A searing intelligence that asks; how is it that I, the bit that is who I really am, gets to 'be here', in a body? In this body. This question is the foundation of my yoga practice. And it is the ground of my study of anatomy. It is my  gift. My benediction. And my invitation.

What do you sense? What are you curious about? Where are the mysteries in the deep interior of your own body?

EASS-y, your embodied anatomy of your spine in scoliosis, is about to begin. Searching the sensation of your spine. Four weeks, an online journey. Join us!

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