Learning about co-creation

For a long time now I have wanted to offer you something of the communion I experience in the Body-Land. Blessed, I found a web designer who invited me into 'co-creation' (her words). I had never thought of web-design as co-creation. Never dared (risked!) to share my precious vision with another in the vulnerable space of allowing them to (gasp!) participate in the process with me.

I took a first step, and then another; a mock up home page beginning landed in my inbox. And I wept. Someone had heard me. Seen my vision. And given it form.

Co-creation. Much like lichen. A symbiosis of fungus and algae. The beautiful form, or being, that is lichen is a co-creation of two organisms.

We are, indeed, nothing without our Others.

What, in your life at this time, reflects this truth for you?