Resources for you - Pearls within the oysters

INVITATION: Yes! DO read through to the end; there are pearls embedded in these oysters!

The past few months I've been ill, as in, really ill. As in, hospital, stop teaching, rest now ill. It takes a lot for me to stop teaching. I have, after all, been doing it for over four decades; dance, or anatomy or yoga, or some combination of these three. It's part of who I am. Not as something that defines me, rather, as part of the way my cells breathe. Teacher. Totems of wolf, and eagle and lion. And for those who know me well; shark. With a hearty dose of Kookaburra. Koookakakak hahaha.

Sea Eagles in Kakadu National Park, October 2013.

Sea Eagles in Kakadu National Park, October 2013.

Here's the thing about Teacher. I'm grinning now; it means I never stop learning! Insatiable hungering curiosity, demanding, searing penetrative enquiry. It's always been this way, (drove my grandmother to lock me in a cupboard , but that's another story).

Soooo, these past months, as I've lain abed, I discovered a few pearls. Here they are, for you. Teacher to my Community.
Because I love you.
I just do.


1. Peace

Natural Great Peace Meditation.

This one is a Tibetan Meditation, which my beloved Spiritual Practitioner Wendi Forbes alerted me to at a time when it all really did seem like the end.


2. Light

Gorgeous Soy Candles.

Oh. My. Goodness. Ahhhhh

My faves; Happy and Love

I breathe them in.


3. Books. Of course there would be BOOKS!

A few years ago, in the over-heated ground floor labyrinth of the icon that is Strand Books in NYC, I found Barbara Hurd's wonderful book Entering the Stone-on caves and Feeling through the Dark . (Amoung a great many others....which always necessitates the buying of a second suitcase each time I'm in NY, to get  all my new books home - sooooo worth it!). This past week, two more of Barbara's word treasures arrive from Book Depository;

Walking the Wrack Line, on Tidal Shifts and What Remains

walking my own 'wrack line', Gordon's Bay, Sydney, May 2013.

walking my own 'wrack line', Gordon's Bay, Sydney, May 2013.

Mud flats and tidal mangrove swamps, Nudgee, Brisbane, winter 2014.

Mud flats and tidal mangrove swamps, Nudgee, Brisbane, winter 2014.

Barbara's words tease out the poetry that is experience here, on planet earth.


Some other books I love of late:

Colonel Chris Hadfield's new photo book: You are Here. Around the World in 92 minutes

I collect books of aerial photography. I fantasize about creating images like these myself....the Earth is so heart-rendingly beautiful! Chris's images, of course, are taken from somewhat higher up than most aerial images, from the International Space Station. (I'm probably not gonna charter that particular flight).

And, if you haven't already read this gift of a man's first book, An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, you might want to have a gander ;)

my own aerial view, on my way to Mackay, Queensland, May 2014.

my own aerial view, on my way to Mackay, Queensland, May 2014.

Move your DNA - (for the times when you can't move much damn else!), by fellow scientist Katy Bowman. I adore the way Katy writes. I'm thinkin' she must have a bit of Kookaburra in her as well...

gluten free grain free food we love by Tania Hubbard.

 I'm learning....


4. Film

When all I could do as the profound dizziness roiled, was watch a DVD, read, or strangely, be on my computer (and, bizarrely but thankfully, drive), this is what nourished me:

Ottolenghi's Mediterranean Island Feast. OK, I admit, a bit of healthy escapism.

Here's the back story on that one!

A little nagging thing about a research project in yoga and scoliosis has been tapping me on the shoulder since, oh.....2006. Yet, I am a 'recovering academic', and have no intention of undertaking another research project, no matter how beloved the terrain, and how 'needed' the research. Nevertheless, just before I became ill, I FINALLY turned to said 'tap on the shoulder' and, between somewhat gritted teeth, relented. I contacted a researcher/old contact  at the University I used to teach within; I talked about my research idea. She was interested.

I get home; a different story. Arrggh! What have I done?? I HATE research. What path am I walking down!?

Nothing to be done but curl up and watch the telly (which I NEVER do!). A doco about cooking is on, ( I hate to cook - I love to eat). The doco is a fellow making a journey around the Mediterranean, cooking. I laugh out loud. *I* travel and make journeys teaching. Around the world. My inner sense tugs at my joy-strings. 'What would it look like to make a documentary'.... my heart's singing a big loud song by now.... 'and perhaps combo the 'research' component' of this project, (which my colleague could do, is very good at, and enjoys), 'and I eh, make the doco?' Hmmmm.

nope, not the Med. Gordon's Bay again, Sydney, May 2013. My own paradise.

nope, not the Med. Gordon's Bay again, Sydney, May 2013. My own paradise.

I am deeply excited about this project; it would be a world first. A Doco on yoga and scoliosis around the world. (Probably in more than 92 minutes).

Joanna Lumley in the Land of the Northern Lights. Nope, not more escapism. This is where I was actually going. Joanna has a journey down the Nile too, which I also watched as I was making my own journey following the spirals of de-nial thinking I really still could teach in Scandinavia and make those Northern Lights this northern winter in Jan-Feb 2015. (Next northern winter, eh Peter-smiles).

NOT my image, this time. A wonderful image by Photographer, Harald Albrigsten

NOT my image, this time. A wonderful image by Photographer, Harald Albrigsten


5. Sound!

An aside: Did you know that the 8th cranial nerve, the Vestibularcochlear nerve, is the first to myelinate in utero? What does this tells us!? It tells us, that Sound and Balance, (which are hard wired together incidentally as the vestibular nerve and the cochlear nerve join very quickly to form that common pathway of VC nerve!), are vital for survival here. Yep: MOVEMENT folks. There it is again! How to detect vibration, (aka sound, which we, eh, are!); and how to orient here, in gravity (which challenged me greatly of late!!), in three dimensions.

Anyway, last weekend I bought a new toy; my first Apple ipad (Air 2). My first Apple anything. And promptly discovered the world of....APPS!

Naturespace Holographic Audio is what my being has been craving.


Three decades ago, before children, my husband and I scoured the record shops (remember, vinyls, folks!) and stocked up on Environments recordings. Wind in the Trees, Oceans, Rain and Thunderstorms, Woodmasted get the idea. I practiced yoga to them, meditated to them, studied and earned my University medal to them, and slept to them. They soaked into my body and infused my soul.

Struggling to swipe and tap on my new 'device' last Sunday, I came across this App. And basked! Pure Balm. Deepest gratitude for this one.
Their website (and be sure to watch this other short vid! yes, with your headphones or earbuddies)

near Mackay, Queensland, May 2014.

near Mackay, Queensland, May 2014.


And, eh, nope, none of these are 'affiliate' links, Sweetnesses. Which means I don't 'make a buck' if you click. Shared as gifts from the sea...


Life is simple at the moment. Bolster. Breath. Lake, (which I can actually walk the 2 km around now - yay!). Custard. Yummmm.

So much Beauty,