Jellies, Time and fluid gestation

Time suspends. The quiet gestation of 'the space between' has permeated my days and consciousness this past month. A pause, since EASS-y.

I often experience this, as I move - float - through transitions. Not as a free form 'take me where you will', rather, as an awake conscious being, in creation with All That Is. Unalloyed with a demand for a particular outcome, or form.

Several things swirl within as I allow deep time and space to move through me. Through my days, through my awareness. Through my observation and through my gentle leanings. And yes, through my asking. Some of it from long whispered calls and beloved dreams...

You'll be hearing more soon...

In the meantime, join me as I walk the water's edge. Jellies, sand, sea-bay, sky.
These images are taken by my beloved husband, Mark Quinlan. Click on any image to take you to a larger view.

Deep Beauty,